The Worst Cleaning Jobs For Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 12/06/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

When putting your Windsor propertyon the market, you already know that your home must look it’s absolute best.  With stiff competition on the market today, your home needs to stand out.  You would be surprised then that when sellers get their home ready, they often forget the easy, simple cleaning jobs while focusing on bigger chores.  Here are a few of the worst cleaning jobs that a seller often neglects.

1.  Clean Dead Bugs from Light Fixtures:  During the summer especially, dead bugs pile up and the last thing you want a buyer to see when they check lighting on your Windsor property is a collection of dead bugs.  Remove the fixture, dump any bugs in the trash and carefully clean before replacing.

2.  Clean Ceiling Fan:  Dust can pile up on the blades and when a buyer turns on the switch, the last thing they want to see is dust flying around.  With fan season now here, make sure you wipe down the blades carefully once a month.

3.  Clean the Trash Cans:  These can often be smelly when traces of food and liquid penetrate the trashcan. What’s even worse, mold and mildew can grow and get into the air.  So take the can outside and hose down.  Scrub with a cleaner that kills bacteria, rinse and let it air dry outside.

4.  Clean Air Conditioning/Heating Vents:  Dust can accumulate and once these units are turned on, dust can fill a room.  Not only that, excess dust can slow down your system, which makes it work harder, and costs you money.  If a buyer wants to know what you pay for utilities, they could be in for a financial shock if your unit is working too hard.

5.  Clean Under Refrigerator:  Have you ever moved your fridge and been shocked at the amount of dust underneath it?  Have you been shocked to see the condition it leaves your flooring?  Move the appliance and carefully clean the floor and dust from the coils.  Don’t neglect the wall.  This is something that should be done twice a year.

6.  Clean the Shower:  The last thing a buyer wants to see is a dirty shower.  They simply can’t get over the thought of bathing in a dirty space therefore, the deal might as well be dead.  Made sure all mold, mildew and soap scum are removed.  Keep the doors clean and remove all personal items from the shower before showing your Windsor property.

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