Things You Must Know When Moving From a Windsor Property Rental Home

Posted in Buyer Blog | 27/03/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Moving is never fun, and takes lots of organization, particularly if you are moving out of a Windsor property rental home.  By starting early and giving plenty of notice to your landlord, there is a good chance that all will go smoothly as you prepare for your next adventure.  So let’s get started by following a few tips to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

1.  Before you even consider moving from your rental, the first step is to reacquaint yourself with your rental lease.  Most leases state how much notice you are legally required to give your landlord before moving.  In most cases, it is thirty days, unless you have a yearlong lease.  Once you determine this, put your notice in writing and include the current date in your letter and leave a forwarding address for your deposit refund.  Make a copy and keep in a file with other pertinent information.  If you find that you need to move before your lease has expired, talk to your landlord and see what options are available to you.  If you agree to a mutual resolution, put it in writing.

2.  Give yourself plenty of time to clean your Windsor property rental.  Most landlords have very specific rules and they are usually included in your lease.  Follow these directions to the letter.  If you need to, ask your landlord for an extra day or two at the end of the month once your furniture is out, to focus on a thorough cleaning. Depending on how long you have lived in your rental, the cleaning process could take a couple of days.

3.  Anything that has been damaged must be replaced or fixed.  Nail holes, torn window screens, damaged walls are just a few of the items landlords look over closely.  If you are uncertain what you are responsible for repairing, check with your landlord.  Some items might be general wear and tear and therefore you may not be responsible.

4. Once your Windsor property rental is spotless and everything is in working order, take photos.  Leave no stone unturned if you think there could be any dispute. Take photos of all appliances, any repairs you made, cleaned carpets and bathrooms and bedrooms.

5.  Make an appointment with your landlord to have a final walk-through.  Together, go over every room and use the cleaning list as your guide to confirm that you adhered to the lease.  Have all door keys, mail box keys, garage door openers and any other materials you to return ready to go.  Confirm when you can expect your cleaning/security deposit and have your new address handy so a check can be mailed.

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