Thinking About Selling Your Windsor Property This Summer?

Posted in General Blog | 27/04/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you are thinking about selling your Windsor property this summer, you won’t be alone.  The good news is, there are buyers here ready to make a purchase so they can be happily settled by September.

First, I know what you are thinking.  Why are you writing about selling a home this summer when it’s barely spring and the busy spring real estate season is just under way.  Good question!  Many home owners are preparing their homes now to put on the market in late mid to late May.  Some are busy making repairs, repainting and updating.  This takes time and of course, money.  But by getting your property ready now, you will be ready to go when families are planning their summer.

Some real estate agents believe that summer is not the best time to sell a home.  Why?

  • People go on vacation
  • Summer is a busy time for families
  • Kids are out of school and involved in activities

Summer is just a crazy time for most, so many agents believe that spring and fall are the best time to sell a home when buyers aren’t distracted.  However, I feel any season is a good time to buy a home.  There are always buyers for homes and if your house is priced right, updated and repairs made, then it will sell.

For those that want to sell their home this summer, here are a few things you can do to make your home stand out from the rest.

1.  Create summer curb appeal:

Nothing is more important than creating that first impression for buyers.  A home with a pleasing and welcoming summer curb appeal will make buyers want to see your home.  Make sure grass is lush and green, bushes are trimmed, summer flowers are planted and weeds pulled.  Make sure your walkway is swept and your entrance inviting and warm.

2.  Mow grass often:

Some professional landscapers insist that mowing the grass twice a week is necessary because grass does grow faster in the summer.  Mow in the diagonal as it truly makes a great impression.

3.  Make backyard inviting:

If you have a great backyard for entertaining, you want to make sure this is clearly evident to buyers.  Have the patio power washed, repaired or painted if necessary.  Make sure all patio furniture is clean.  Stage the area so that it represents an extended living room.  Make sure all backyard toys are put away prior to a showing.  If you have a swimming pool, it needs to be clean and sparkling!  I also advice sellers that if they have a BBQ that has seen better days, remove it.  Why?  It takes away from the overall appeal.

4.  Let the sun shine!

images-21Remove anything from your home that makes it appear dark and dreary.  Buyers want to see sunlight and a bright, cheery home, especially in the summer.  A big concern and complaint from buyers when walking into a dark home is that there is not enough light and they check it off their list.  That’s how important it is to clean windows, remove heavy drapes and use cool, inviting colours, like whites, creams and blues.

5.  Use air conditioner when needed!

Now is not the time to think about your utility bill.  If it is a warm day, make your house is extra inviting by having the air conditioner turned on to a comfortable and refreshing setting.  Don’t make it so cold that a buyer is looking for the exit as that will defeat your purpose.

6.  Go light on home fragrance.

Sellers can often go wild with summer scents.  Honestly, I have been in too many homes that smell of vanilla or floral scents and often, it is overwhelming.  Buyers prefer the smells of fresh-cut flowers as opposed to artificial fragrances.

7.  Offer drinks:

I believe a pitcher of ice-cold water with cups is a nice way to greet buyers on hot days.  This is especially welcoming if a buyer has been touring homes most of the day.  While some agents suggest food as well, such as cookies, I don’t think that is necessary.  Why?  You really don’t want people, especially children, eating throughout your home, especially if carpets have been cleaned.

8.  Watch for bugs:

We all know that mosquitos and other critters like to make their way into our yards throughout the summer months.  Get rid of standing water and make sure wasps nests are removed.  The goal is to make sure your buyers feel comfortable outside and not swatting bugs and eager to escape back into their car.


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