Tips on Buyers Remorse for Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in Buyer Blog | 21/03/2012

Windsor Property for Sale

Windsor Property for Sale

Some buyers, after purchasing a Windsor property for sale, can experience that dreaded “buyers remorse.”  After signing the many papers, they now wonder if the house is the right one for them.  Maybe they think they paid too much or a better property will come on the market.  These are questions often wondered as the moving van arrives to pick up the furniture.  So this doesn’t happen to you, take these suggestions as you look for a Windsor property for sale.

1.  Don’t bring lots of friends and family with you to showings.  Rather, pick one trusted advisor if you are single, or keep it to your spouse if you are married.  Friends and family mean well, but, as the old saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth.  Consider the advice of your real estate agent before those of well-meaning family or friends, particularly if they don’t know the market, the neighborhood or if they have not purchased a home in several years.

2.  Don’t continue to look at homes after you sign a contract unless you believe your contract may fall through.

3.  Don’t hire a real estate agent that is too quiet and won’t offer advice.  You need someone you can rely on, who offers detailed, careful and thorough advice.  If your agent does not follow-up or your questions remain unanswered, particularly if you are shopping for your first Windsor property for sale, then maybe it’s time to find another agent.

4.  Focus on the positive.  Concentrate on everything you love about the house.  Grab your original pro and con list you made before your home search (you did make one didn’t you?) and go back and remind yourself about what you liked about the home.

While buyer’s remorse is common, there are times where your concerns are warranted and a home purchase should be halted.  For example, are you having trouble getting financing?  Did your Windsor property for sale not get appraised at the contract price?  There could also be problems with the title search, boundary lines or home inspection.  If these problems are issues, then they must be resolved in time of closing or you have every right to walk away from the deal.

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