Tips On How To Sell Your Windsor House Quick This Spring!

Posted in General Blog | 20/02/2013

Windsor House

Windsor House

Are you getting ready to sell your Windsor house?  Are you ready to get buyers to your home and receive a top offer as quickly as possible?  If so, then you need to have that competitive edge, especially at this time of the year, which is often the busiest in the home selling market.

Here is what NOT to do when selling your home:

1.  At the risk of sounding presumptuous, don’t insist on listing the home for more than what it’s worth.  It will sit on the market and everything around it, that is priced correctly, will sell.  This will force you to lower the price of your home before you get any traffic from motivated buyers.  Price it right, and they will come.

2.  Don’t hide junk in every closet, cupboard or garage.  Buyers look at these spaces to determine if your home as enough storage space.  Believe it or not, ample storage is a very popular feature.  If you discard all of your stuff here, you are telling buyers two things:

Your home doesn’t have enough storage room.

What storage space you do have is too small.

If your belongings don’t fit in the space, then they correctly assume that theirs will not either.

Don’t wait until the last-minute.  Declutter and store what you want to keep in a storage unit.  Buyers will look at your basements, attics and everything else.  So trying to stuff everything there does not mean, “out of sight, out of mind.”  It just means that the buyers will find it and make a mental note that your home doesn’t have enough room.

3.  Don’t try and hide odors by going overboard on home fragrances.  Every room in your house doesn’t need a plug-in nor should the carpet be sprinkled with powder.  Walking into a home that is on perfume overkill says that the buyer is trying to hide something.

4.  Make the repairs.  Don’t think for a second that buyers don’t mind if they have to make the simple repairs themselves.  Fixing a faucet, repairing a doorbell or anything else that will only take you a limited amount of time, should be done.  Don’t give the buyers any reason to question or wonder what else is wrong if you can’t even fix the smallest of repairs.

5.  Ignore curb appeal.  This has also been talked about on this site more than once.  It really doesn’t take much to make your home appealing on the outside.  You don’t need a full garden or perfectly grown grass.  But it does need to be tidy.  Pull weeds, mow the lawn, plant some flowers and make sure the front door looks pleasing.  It’s simple to create curb appeal.

images-24So what should you DO to sell your home?

1.  Price it right.  Buyers always think their home is worth more than it is.  Unlike ten years ago, when homes where selling at inflated prices, buyers today need to be realistic.  You may think your home is worth more, but again, look at comps, tour other homes and listen to your professional real estate agent.

2.  Get rid of any dated decorating.  If you have baskets of dried flowers, busy wallpaper, dated hardware on your cabinets, replace!  These are usually simple fixes that will create more money for you when you list your home.

3.  Brighten your house with neutral colours.  A gallon of paint will be your best friend when you prepare your home for sell.  Did you know that you will get 150 percent return on your investment if you paint a room an appealing colour?

4.  Clean your carpeting.  Before you show your house, have your carpets professionally cleaned to make sure they are spotless and odor free.  Especially if you have pets, make sure your carpets don’t smell like them.  Open up your windows and let your house air out.  Do this every couple of days while your home is on the market.

5.  Give each room a purpose before you list it.  What does this mean?  If you have a three-bedroom house, then make sure all rooms are bedrooms.  Don’t confuse the buyer and make one room a home office or play room.  However, if one of the rooms doesn’t have a closet, then it should be an office.



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