To Stage Or Not To Stage Your Windsor House For Sale?

Posted in General Blog | 13/03/2013

Windsor Home For Sale

Windsor Home For Sale

When preparing your Windsor house for sale for buyers, consider that staging is never a bad idea.  In fact, take our word for it, a home that is clean and nicely staged almost always sells quickly when priced right.

I’m not one for gimmicks when selling a home.  Open houses and cookies baking in the oven are all very nice ideas, but they don’t sell homes.  What does?  A home well marketed and prepared for those buyers who are eager to buy a property.  It takes work to sell a home.  Home owners can’t just decide to put a sign in their front yard at the spur of the moment and expect it to sell without doing a little bit of cleaning, repairing and refreshing.

One of the best things a homeowner can do is to declutter and depersonalize their home prior to listing.  This is not a day job.  The goal is to make your house appealing to every buyer that walks in the door because what you really want is for him or her to visualize themselves living there.  They can’t do this if your home is filled with all of your knick-knacks, personal photos and the like.  Here’s how to start:

1.  Clean!

I can’t emphasize this enough.  Clean every inch of your house.  From the floors and baseboards all the way up to the ceiling fans.  Leave nothing unturned.  A dirty home rarely sells and never gets top dollar.  You won’t believe how much you can add to a home when it is clean and in good shape.

2.  Declutter!

If necessary, rent a storage unit and put all of your excess furniture, family photos, collectibles, and anything else that will take away from your home.  Do you collect sports memorabilia?  Then pack it away.  What about a record collection? Time to put it in storage if possible.  Are your closets overwhelmed with clothing?  Take at least two-thirds out and store, as you want to show buyers you have plenty of storage.

3.  Rearrange furniture

Do you have oversized furniture that is placed in a smaller room?  If so, then move out most of it and rearrange to accent a room’s space.  If a buyer must twist and turn to maneuver around your furniture, that implies that the room is too small and the furniture is too large.

4.  Repaint if necessary

images-10If your home’s walls have seen better days, then paint a neutral colour.  A gallon of paint is cheap and it is truly a seller’s best friend.  One client had a very small bathroom on the main floor of her home.  It was painted a dark color, which made the room look even tinier.  She painted it a nice off white colour and it hardly looked like the same bathroom.  It seemed not only larger, but also cleaner and brighter.  The transformation was remarkable and it only took a few hours to complete.  And all for under $30 for a mid-priced gallon of paint.

5.  Clean Carpet

This deserves to be mentioned apart from what I wrote above on “cleaning.”  Once the house has been decluttered, cleaned and painted, you will need to have the carpets cleaned, professionally if possible.  Once again, the change is immediate and makes all of the difference in the world.  What’s the point of going to all of the work if the carpeting looks bad?

6.  Let the Light In!

Again, buyers want to see a bright and clean house.  If you have heavy window treatments, then consider taking them down now that spring is here and opt to have something that brings in natural light.  And while we are talking about windows, make sure they are sparkly clean as well.  We’ve had a long winter, so it’s probably a good time to go outside and give the windows a thorough cleaning.  I promise you, buyers will be impressed when they walk in and are greeted with an airy and bright home.  It’s the number one thing a buyer wants to see.

7.  Keep it up!

The best thing I can suggest is to keep your house looking clean and spotless for as long as it is on the market.  As I said, selling a house is hard work.  From preparing it for buyers to keeping it in immaculate condition, particularly if you have children at home, is time-consuming.  Clean as you go, make everyone pitch in and help and don’t sweat the small stuff when trying to sell your house.

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