Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Windsor Real Estate Agents

Posted in General Blog | 16/04/2012

New Windsor Real Estate Agents

New Windsor Real Estate Agents

I have done posts on this blog about finding Windsor real estate agents when you are ready to sell your home.  One of the most important things to do is to interview an agent to see if they are the best suited to help you market your home.  Here are a few questions that every professional agent should be prepared to answer.

1.  How many years have you been a real estate agent?  Experience does count when you want your home sold.  While we have nothing against new agents, we all were one some time, those that have been in the business a while are prepared to handle any problem that occurs.

2.  How many homes have you sold, especially during the real estate crisis?  It is important to know how many homes Windsor real estate agents have sold in the last year. Agents are happy to show you their statistics and welcome the opportunity to explain what is happening in the local housing market where you reside.

3.  How will you sell my home?  It is important to be on the same page about open houses, advertising and other selling methods.  Ask the agent how they feel about online marketing tools, especially if they have a website, blog, twitter, facebook and other social media tools.  More and more professional real estate agents are welcoming these valuable methods to promote your home.  If your agent doesn’t believe in this, you may want to reconsider.

4.  How often will I hear from you?  As a seller, you want to know what is happening in regards to your home.  So ask your prospective agent how they keep their clients updated.

5.  How long will my house be on the market?  Of course, no agent has a crystal ball where they can tell you this sort of information, but ask your agent what are the average days homes they have sold were on the market.

6.  Do you sell homes part or full-time?  You want to be confident that your agent will give your home the attention it deserves.  You want to be confident that the agent you pick will be available when you need them, especially in today’s unpredictable market.

When selling your home, you want to find Windsor real estate agents that you can work with.  The best thing you can do is to start the process off right and have a mutual understanding of what is best when selling your home.

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