Top Questions For First Time Windsor Home Buyers:

Posted in Buyer Blog | 03/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

First time homebuyers for a Windsor home usually have many questions. That’s always a good thing.  It is important that you go into the process completely comfortable with the entire procedure.  Asking questions is the responsible thing to do.  Hopefully, you will have a professional real estate agent take the time needed to make sure you have the latest in up to date information.  So what are the top questions?  Here are just a few that we hear and happy to answer:

1.  How Long Should It Take To Find A Home?

The good news is, by the time a first time homebuyer contacts a real estate agent, they have already done much of the shopping themselves via the Internet.  Almost 80% of all home searches begin on the computer.  The goal of the agent is to act on what you want.  Many motivated buyers find a home within a few weeks, some in a few days.  Those that take months and years aren’t motivated.

2.  How Many Homes Will I See?

A buyer looking for a Windsor home often wonders if they need to see every home on the market.  The answer, of course, is no.  If a buyer has done their research on the Internet, decided on the neighborhood and what features he desires, he may only need to see a handful.  If you see anything more than 20 homes, chances are, you will forget the most specific details.  Concentrate on a few and let your agent guide you through the process.

3.  What If I Like The First Home I See?

This can be tricky.  Many realtors say buy the first Windsor home you like in case it’s not available should you want to look around.  However, it’s never a bad idea to look at a few homes just to be on the safe side.  Buyer’s remorse often happens because a buyer did not take some time to see a few homes before deciding.  It’s a good idea also to view your top choices a second time before buying that first home.  Have your real estate agent contact the seller’s agent and find out how motivated they are to sell the home.

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