Top Reasons Sellers Are Moving From Their Windsor Houses

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/06/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Most buyers when touring Windsor houses ask why the homeowner is moving.  Is it financial?  Job transfer?  Downsizing?  All of these come into consideration when buyers want to make an offer.  Interestingly enough, most homeowners move on the average of five to seven years.  So what are the top reasons a buyer moves?  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Upgrade:  People like to move when they want something grander and bigger.  Rather than add on and update, many find it easier to move into a home that already has it all.

2.  Job Transfer:  In this day and age, people are moving from their Windsor houses if their job is relocated or a better job comes along.  Given the unemployment rates today, rarely are people turning down these opportunities.

3.  Personal Relationships:  It could be a divorce, it could be a marriage where one is moving in with the other, it could be that the house holds bad memories if a spouse has died.  The list is long.

4.  Neighborhood is changing:  Maybe a buyer doesn’t like the new freeway being built, or they want to move into a better school district now that they have children.  Perhaps they don’t like their neighbors.

5.  Downsize: When children leave the nest, older homeowners decide that a bigger home is too much work.  The older you get, the less you want to clean and maintain.

6.  Health Problems:  When an illness occurs, or some sort of physical aliment happens, such as a knee or back problem, mastering the stairs is difficult and moving into a one-story home is more practical.

7.  Maintenance:  Some buyers prefer to move rather than replace a roof, paint the home or buy a furnace.  Once expensive repairs are needed on Windsor houses, many buyers decide it’s easier to move elsewhere.

8.  Cash:  When a home has lots of equity, many sellers decide it’s time to move on.  Maybe fearful of the market sinking again, they decide to take their money and run.



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