Top Reasons Why Windsor Houses For Sale Go Bad

Posted in Buyer Blog | 25/07/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

Do you ever wonder why Windsor Houses for sale deals go bad?  Obviously, we hope this never happens in your search for a home, but things happen.  Buyers (and sellers) often ask me what can go bad once an offer is accepted.  Here are the most common issues:

1.  The Unfortunate Buyer’s Remorse:  Sometimes, you see the writing on the wall, but other times even a real estate agent is shocked when a buyer calls and wants to back out of a deal.  There are a variety of reasons why this happens, but it does happen.

2.  Home Inspections:  Buyers who receive an inspection report listing several expensive and major repairs often tend to panic and want to back out immediately or insist that the sellers fix the problems.  If a seller refuses, or disputes the inspector’s report, then a deal can go bad quickly.  The goal is to get the parties to work together to try and find a compromise or a solution that makes everyone happy.  But there are times though, both parties won’t want to continue pursuing the Windsor houses for sale any further.

3.  Low Appraisals:  When a house is priced correctly, low appraisals do not often happen.  However, mortgage companies will not fund a loan if the home is said to be worth less than what it sold for.  Buyers have a choice:  they can pay the difference in cash, get a new appraiser or ask the seller to reduce the price among other things.  If a seller refuses, then the sale will usually fall apart.

4.  Contingent On Buyer’s Home Sale:  Sometimes, a buyer’s home doesn’t sell as quickly as they thought, so if the seller receives another offer (and it’s stated in the contract that a seller can void current offer if another buyer wants to buy home) then there is little a buyer can do.

The goal of course, is to make sure these things don’t happen when looking at Windsor Houses for sale.  Our real estate agents are here to provide you with valuable information every step of the way.

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