Top Tips When Looking At Windsor Property

Posted in Buyer Blog | 17/06/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

You found a Windsor property that you are considering buying.  However, you can’t seem to make that final decision on whether or not you want to purchase it.  If we were in a seller’s market, which is when homes are often sold as quickly as they are listed, the small concerns you may have wouldn’t seem like much.  However, in a buyer’s market, buyers are choosier as so many homes are on the market. Concerns, however small, can often make a buyer sit back and look at the home more closely.  If you find yourself in this position, consider these tips when you need to make a final decision.

1.   View the property more than once or twice, in fact, three or four times is not unheard of.  But look at the Windsor property at different times of the day.  Maybe you don’t like the morning light coming directly into your bedroom window.  Or, maybe it’s a selling point.

2.  Travel to the Windsor property you are considering during rush hour.  What is the commute like?  Is it manageable?  Or is it something you would learn to dread?  Will the price of gas and a long commute overextend your budget?  Is your car in good condition to handle the traffic and longer commute if this issue pertains to you?

3.  Figure out the expenses with homeownership.  Check on taxes, insurance, utility costs for this particular Windsor property.  Will you need to buy new furniture or appliances?

4.  Is the school district and location of home desirable?  You may not need to worry about schools if you don’t have children, or the location may be fine for a single person and not a family, but one day you are going to want to sell your home, so will this be difficult in case you need to ever sell in a hurry?

5.  Spend time looking outside of the home and in the neighborhood.  Is there anything that concerns you?  Does the neighbor next door have a large barking dog?  Does the neighborhood look like it’s going downhill?  Or, do you see lots of families interacting and having a good time?

6.  Have a home inspector visit.  Often times a home inspection either seals or kills the deal.  If you are on the fence and you get either a favorable or unfavorable report, then what an inspector reports often makes the final decision for you.

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