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Posted in General Blog | 07/03/2013


Windsor Home

With some Windsor homes, it can take more than a coat of paint or a little curb appeal in order to make it sell quickly or stand out from the competition.  In fact, with many homes it often takes some creative marketing.  With houses coming up on the market this spring, make buyers remember your property with some creative marketing.

How can you make your home stand out from the rest?

1.  Create a flyer.

Include all valuable information and local attractions around your home that will appeal to buyers.  If you live in a desirable location, pretend that buyers don’t know anything about the area of your home.  List the excellent school system if you are in one and the great local shopping.  If you live in a neighbourhood that is well known for holiday displays or any other feature, include it.

I have also seen brochures that a seller has made that include the locations and time distance to the local hospitals, malls, gas stations, highway access and business centre.

2.  Create a scrapbook

Does your home have a great summer garden? What about a beautiful spring flower display?  Are the trees particularly beautiful in the fall?  If so, then create a scrapbook and leave on display for potential buyers to view.

3. Offer incentives

There have been sellers who have offered gift cards to home improvement centers, local restaurants, furniture stores, local malls or appliance stores to the buyer of their home.  For those buyers that may be tight on finances after purchasing a home, a gift card may be just what they need.

4.  Get an inspection!

Yes, a buyer will get one as well, but consider having your home pre-inspected and let buyers know!  Inspections are often the most nerve-wracking for both buyers and sellers, so when a home is maintenance and repair free, it can take a load of worry off of everyone’s mind.  Make sure that this is well advertised in your home’s marketing plan via flyers, website, etc.

5.  Have neighbours help!

This has been done with good success from those that have tried it.  Offer your neighbours a decent gift card to a place of their choice if they bring you a successful buyer.  A $200 gift card is a nice amount and will help get the word out that your home is on the market!

6.  Start Facebook Page/Twitter Account

Yes, your home can have it’s own Facebook page!  Social media is here to stay and millions of people look online each and every day, so why not get your home the exposure it deserves?  It’s easy to pass along and “share.” Also, create a video of your home and put it on YouTube as well.  Have a LinkedIn account?  Let your connects know that you have a home for sale.  You never know if they have a friend or family member moving into the area or want to live in your neighbourhood.

What Not To Do!

When marketing your home, be sure that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot or spend big money when you don’t need to.  For example:

1.  Open Houses:

Windsor House

Open houses simply don’t work.  If they did, we would be having them every day of the week.  Forget it when an agent wants to create “themed” open houses or suggest you serve food and drinks.  Do you really want strangers walking around your home with snacks?  Open houses are really for real estate agents to gather business or for neighbours who want to look inside.

2.  Not making home available:

I have written about this many times, but not making your home available or advertising it as “shown by appointment only,” really limits the number of buyers that will be brought to your door.  Many houses that we sell happen spontaneously, where a buyer will drive by and see your home and want to see it as quickly as possible.  Perhaps that very minute.

3. Using bad photos:

Would you include a bad photo of your family in your holiday card? Of course not.  You want to show them in their best light.  Same with your home.  I can’t tell you how many horrible photos I see of homes.  They look dirty, the lighting is terrible, it shows bad angles, pets on the furniture and truly a mess.  Make sure the photos you take show a well-kept, clean, clutter free home.  If you have a wonderful staircase, take a good picture of it!  If you have a terrific fireplace, make sure it’s included as well.  Also, too little pictures will not satisfy a buyer eager to know more about your home.  A buyer would rather see more photos, than not enough.

4.  Not mentioning home’s good points.

Let’s say you live in a terrific neighbourhood where homes rarely come on the market.  It’s in a great school district and the homes are highly sought after!  Why wouldn’t you mention that?  It’s surprising how little is revealed in marketing material when a home is in a desirable location.  Doesn’t this sound better?

Rare opportunity to buy a home in highly sought after popular neighbourhood!  Walking distance to excellent schools means this home will go fast!

Remember!  You’ve heard of Location! Location! Location!  Well don’t forget to Market! Market! Market!










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