Update Your Windsor Ontario Home For Sale Kitchen On A Budget

Posted in General Blog | 17/03/2014

Windsor Ontario Home For Sale

Windsor Ontario Home For Sale

The majority of buyers who walk around various Windsor Ontario homes for sale spend the majority of their time in the kitchen.  This isn’t too surprising since this is usually the room where families gather to entertain, eat, do homework and other projects. To meet the needs of a demanding and hectic lifestyle, buyers today are looking for an efficient kitchen space that is well-lit, bright and with updated appliances.

However sellers are often under the impression that they must spend a fortune remodeling this very important room.  Actually, that’s not the case at all.  In fact, overdoing the kitchen with all of the bells and whistles often overwhelms buyers, even those that are the most serious of cooks.  Here are some of the best features you can add to your kitchen that won’t break your wallet but will be noticed by buyers.

1. Updated lighting:

Add stylish new pendant lights.  Not only will these be the focal point of the room, but we have yet to see a buyer that doesn’t love them.

2.  Update cabinet hardware:

I had a client change the look of her kitchen completely while spending less than $75 on cabinet hardware.  She removed the 1980’s gold knobs on her all white cabinets and replaced with inexpensive stainless steel.  While the cost can add up depending on the number of cabinets you have, most home improvement stores have a great selection at bargain prices.

3.  Remove clutter:

This doesn’t cost a dime but makes a huge impression on buyers.  Clear the countertops, remove all materials and magnets from refrigerator and other personal items in the kitchen, organize cupboards and pantry and make sure kitchen is spotlessly clean.  A dated kitchen seems even more unimpressive when it is cluttered and filled with every small appliance and busy “stuff” that takes away from buyers the potential of a room.

4.  Remove wallpaper and dark colours:

It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can do.  If you have a kitchen that is wallpapered, remove it and paint the kitchen a nice neutral colour that will compliment the rest of the home.  If you have a dated finish on your cabinets, consider painting them as well.  Again, buyers like open, bright kitchens.  Yes, this takes some work, but it won’t break the bank and will give your home and sales price a boost!

5.  Countertops:

If you have outdated countertops, but replacing them is out of the question, then consider  upgrading only the island.  Most granite companies have remnant pieces for sale, so for only a few hundred dollars you may create a whole new look for your kitchen.

6.  Remove dated window coverings:

images-3Do you have kitchen window coverings that were purchased long ago?  If so, chances are, they look and feel dated.  While  you may love them and insist they are still a popular style, there is every indication your buyer will not.  Therefore, remove treatments and replace with pleated shades in a neutral colour.  And remember, in order to bring in more light, keep shades up during a showing unless you have a horrible view outside.

7.  Create and/or emphasize focal point:

By creating a focal point in your kitchen, you are drawing buyers to an area that will appeal to them.  This could be a kitchen island, seating area or anywhere that draws their attention.  Therefore, it is important that these areas have creative pieces and elements that make a space feel welcome and unique.  Maybe it’s a fun lighting fixture, or a unique chalkboard that will appeal to children on the wall.  This doesn’t have to cost much money at all, yet it sparks conversation and gives the kitchen a life that may be lacking in other homes they buyers are touring.


Finally, buyers notice flooring, especially outdated drabby linoleum.  So consider changing it up and choosing a design that is both warm and stylish.  Once again, home improvement stores offer good and affordable prices as well as instruction on installation.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but will require some work which will pay you back in the end.

Homeowners that want to sell their home do not want to spend lots of money on improvements they will never use.  However, it is important and wise to make changes that will boost your sales price and create a buzz about your home.

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