Upgrades Buyers LIKE for Windsor Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 07/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

In an earlier blog we wrote what upgrades homebuyers for Windsor homes were NOT interested in.  Now, let me tell you what buyers like when searching for a property.  Of course, it varies with each individual person, so no list is completely accurate, but overall, the following are always big plusses for buyers.

1.  Separate laundry rooms.  Buyers really don’t like going down to the basement or out in the garage to do a load of laundry.  A separate room adds convenience.  While the room doesn’t have to be large, as long as it is central in the home, it’s good.

2.  Storage Space:  Extra room for storage, such as walk-in closets and built-ins are big bonus points.  No one likes wasted space, and buyers always comment if a home has plenty of room for their belongings.

3.  Additional bedroom with bath.  Having a guest room with an attached or nearby bathroom is very popular with those looking at Windsor homes.  Having a separate room for elderly parents or out-of-town visitors is ideal for many families.

4.  Home office, Work space:  Whether it be for homework, projects or for those that work out of the home, a home office is always a plus.

5.  Eat-in Kitchen or nearby eating space.  Families like to eat together whenever possible.  Windsor homes that offer a place for everyone to gather are usually one of the top draws for those homebuyers with children.  A nearby family room, or one that opens into the kitchen is also highly coveted.

6.  Upgraded bathrooms:  It doesn’t need to be a spa-like bathroom, but a space that is used well, with updated features, such as sinks and toilets.  A dated bathroom often is a deal breaker for many buyers who don’t like to imagine spending time in there when

If you are selling a Windsor home with any of these features, make sure you are highlighting these upgrades in your promotional materials.



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