Use Social Media Responsibly When Selling Your Windsor Property

Posted in Selling Blog | 01/07/2012

Windsor Property

These days, it’s so easy to promote your Windsor property with social media.  At a moments notice we can type any news we want to about your home that is for sale.  The problem?  Over promoting.  For those that regularly use Facebook and Twitter, there is a fine line from successfully promoting your home and overdoing it.

Imagine someone ringing your phone every few minutes to tell you the same thing over and over again.  Frustrating?  Of course.  That is why tweets and Facebook updates are often ignored and worse, you find yourself “friendless.”

So what’s a good balance when selling your Windsor property?  Social media updates should include general information about your home sale then left alone until there is information to report, like open houses, new photos, home improvements and so on.  Updates about particular issues regarding the award-winning school district, low crime rate, privacy or other particular details of the area surrounding the home should be mentioned as well, but not to the point it turns off prospective buyers.

While social media can’t sell your Windsor property by itself, it is an extremely valuable tool that no real estate agent should be without.  But don’t neglect other opportunities to promote your home.  May sure your agent is doing the following:

1. Highlight your home on their personal website.

2.  Creating information sheet for prospective buyers

3.  Using print media as well

4.  Have professional signs displayed prominently in your front yard and near access to your neighborhood.

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