Using Facebook to Sale Windsor Houses

Posted in Selling Blog | 11/08/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

It’s amazing that in just a few short years we would look to social media sites to help sell Windsor Houses.  But ask yourself:  Do you read the newspaper every day?  Or look through the Internet?  Do you have a Facebook page?  Or do you write a letter to your friends to see what they are up to?  Chances are, you are connected in some way to the Internet, and so is most of the world.

So why wouldn’t a person use Facebook to help sell their home with the millions of people that use it everyday?  So what can you do to create a visible presence online for your home when trying to sell it?  Here are some essentials to establishing an online profile for Windsor houses.

1.  Build a Facebook page:  Profile your home with its own Facebook page.  Make sure your page is filled with professional, light filled photos of your home as well as copy that is richly detailed and full of good catchwords.

2.  Make sure your “For Sale” sign in your front yard gives your social media information.  Even if you post a phone number of your realtor chances are buyers will look at your Facebook page first to get more information.  Make the page count!

3.  Add different posts each week:  Update your page with at least two to three posts per week.  If you have a great backyard for entertaining, make sure you discuss it!  If a fireplace is a central point in your family room, make sure that is included as well with a caption such as:  This fireplace has created many warm and happy memories for our family!

4.  Encourage friends to share:  On your Facebook page, encourage your followers to share your page if they know someone is moving into the area.

5. Promote your Facebook page by including your Facebook link into your signature line in email correspondence.

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