Warning Signs And Possible Scams When Looking At Homes For Rent In Windsor Ontario

Posted in Buyer Blog | 28/09/2013

Homes For Rent In Windsor Ontario

Homes For Rent In Windsor Ontario

If you are looking at homes for rent in Windsor Ontario, before signing a lease, consider the following.  The last thing you want to do is lose your deposit and rent monies!

1.  Long gap between tenants.

If you are renting a home which has been vacant for a long period of time, say six months or longer, there may be a reason why.  Perhaps the landlord has a difficult reputation or home has problems and no one wants to live there.

2.  Landlords that will jump through hoops to sign you to a lease:

If you have an over eager landlord, that practically begs you to sign a lease, watch out!  Maybe they are experiencing financial problems, the home is in foreclosure, the neighbourhood is in an undesirable location and has an overall bad reputation.

3.  Too many tenants in a short amount of time:

If the rental home you are interested in has had many tenants in a short period of time, this could indicate problems.  Again, maybe the landlord is extremely difficult, such as too intrusive or doesn’t make the needed repairs in a timely manner. Maybe crime is an issue or the neighbours are bad news.  It could be a number of things because more than likely, there is a problem when you see continuous rental activity on a property.

4.  Utility issues:

If a former tenant leaves without paying their utility bills, you may have a problem setting up your own account.  Don’t sign the lease until you are assured there will be no problems with your utilities.

5.  Bugs!

Nothing can clear a rental home faster than the appearance of bugs and rodents.  When looking at a rental property, inspect under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cupboards and drawers.  Look for any evidence, and be aware that if you see anything questionable, you may want to reconsider.

So how do you find a good home for rent in today’s real estate market.  With more and more renters out there, finding a good home is not necessarily the easiest thing to do.  Good properties in highly desirable neighbourhoods and school districts go quickly.  In fact, some never even are advertised.  So how can you compete?

1. Talk to a real estate agent.

images-15Many agents work with clients who are eager to rent out their home.  They may be moving to another area and not quite ready to cut ties in Windsor so they offer it for rent.    By asking a real estate agent, they may have heard something and if not, they can ask around their office to see if co-workers have any such clients.

2. Talk to Property Management Companies:

Get on a first named basis with property management workers who can contact you before a property is listed.  This happens all of the time and can get you into viewing a home before anyone else even hears about.

3.  Look online several times a day:

Homes come up for rent in a heartbeat, but can be gone just as quickly. So continually look at various rental websites throughout the days and weeks and be prepared to call the moment you see something that interests you.

4.  Word of mouth:

Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a rental home in a certain area.  If there is a neighbourhood coffee shop or grocery store, hang up a flier that indicates your interest.  Ask friends and family to pass the word along as well.  And don’t forget to update your social media accounts with your interest in finding a home.

5.  Be prepared:

Have a copy of your credit report, recommendations from previous landlords (if applies) as well as money in the bank if you find the home and need to act quickly.  Set yourself apart from others who may be attempting to rent the property as well.  Dress nicely and be on time for your appointment.  Again have the required paperwork ready to go so you can immediately provide to your prospective landlord.  Take my word for it, landlords want to see from the first moment they see you, that they can trust you in their home.  That valuable first impression may very well be the ticket to landing you the rental home everyone else wants.


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