What Buyers Are Looking For In Windsor New Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 06/08/2012

Windsor New Homes

Windsor New Homes

Are you a buyer considering one of the many Windsor New Homes on the market?  Are you thinking about building your own?  Designs and styles have changed in the past several years.  Many buyers are no longer looking for homes with media rooms or outdoor kitchens.  Instead, they are looking for more practical features.  Here is what we are hearing from those in the market for a new home.

1.  Insulation:  When we said buyers are more practical, we were not kidding.  With rising heating and cooling costs, it is imperative that Windsor new homes have proper insulation.  Make sure it is installed correctly by having someone do an insulation inspection before the house is covered up.

2.  Convenient Laundry Room Location: Most buyers want their washer and dryer located near bedrooms to make this chore easier.  Walking up and down stairs with a basket of laundry is not something anyone enjoys, but having the room central to the bedrooms and bathrooms is a big plus with buyers.

3.  Wide hallways and rooms.  Buyers want open, airy and bright rooms.  Small, narrow hallways are not conducive to families where children are running throughout.  Buyers are making note of this feature and therefore we often see new homes with larger than normal hallways and rooms.

4.  Lots of Storage:  When looking at new homes, buyers want the latest in storage.  Small closets and pantries are expected in older homes, but not so much in newer homes.  Builders understand that pantries need room not only for food and staples, but also large kitchen appliances, such as mixers, food processors and the like.

5.  Plumbing that works:  Of course a buyer expects adequate plumbing, but often, you will see cheaper plumbing fixtures and drains that don’t actually drain well.  With Windsor new homes, insist on seeing what fixtures the builder uses.  There have been times where a shower won’t drain properly because you can’t believe what construction trash has been thrown down the drain.  Make sure your builder is using professional and licensed plumbers.

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