What Buyers Need To Know Regarding Windsor Real Estate

Posted in Buyer Blog | 12/07/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

I am often asked lots of questions from buyers regarding Windsor real estate and I can certainly understand why.  This is an exciting time for those that are eager to start a new life in a new home.  Not only that, buying a home may be the biggest largest investment one makes, so it’s important that buyers are educated and understand the process completely so they can make a good decision based on their budget and lifestyle.

This is why buying a home should be taken seriously.  True, it should also be a fun, enjoyable time, but preparation and a little research can go a long way when looking for a property to call home.

1.  Hire a qualified real estate agent:

You want to make sure that the person you hire to find your home knows what he or she is doing.  Buying a home not only takes work but it can be stressful so you want an agent that can organize showings, appraisals, inspections, contracts and most importantly, handle negotiations effectively.  Overall, find an agent that you know you can work with easily.

2.  Preapproved:

Do you want to know what perks up a seller’s ears?  A pre-approval letter.  When a buyer walks in the door with this important and valuable piece of paper, a seller knows the buyer is serious.  This information is also helpful as it steers a buyer away from homes they can’t afford.

3.  Know the difference between what you need and what you want:

Everyone wants to buy a home that looks like it should be on the cover of a home magazine.  For many buyers, they will tell their Windsor real estate professional that they want granite kitchen countertops, stainless steel appliances, crown moldings and hardwood flooring.  Nothing is wrong with that, but it’s important for buyers working with a budget to be able to determine what is a “must have” and what is on their “wish list.”  Which is why I suggest that buyers make two lists.  On one, list everything you absolutely must have.  This may include the number of bedrooms, a garage or size of yard.  On your second list, write down everything you would love to have, but it’s not completely necessary.  Here, you can include, the extras that won’t make or break the purchase of a home.

4.  Don’t go overboard and look at too many homes:

images-13Buyers are sometimes under the impression that they must look at every home in their price range.  Often times though, this can backfire.  Looking at too much Windsor real estate can seriously do more harm than good.  Why?  Because after a while it can become too overwhelming and confusing.  Not only that, it provides the realistic chance that a home you did really like, will be sold to someone else.  Narrow your search, focus on your list, the neighbourhood you want and the advice of your real estate agent if you find yourself looking at too many homes.

5.  Inspection:

As a Windsor real estate agent, I have seen buyers who insist they don’t need nor want an inspection.  Again, this is simply a bad way to purchase a home.  An inspection can detect if the home you are considering is in need of major repairs.  It can literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars so why take the chance?  There is one story where a couple originally refused an inspection on a beautiful, older home because they loved its timeless character and it was in a neighbourhood they wanted to raise their children.  What they later found out was the property was sitting on a crumbling foundation.  The cost?  Too much for the buyers to make the repairs and they did not want the worry.  Fortunately, the parent’s of one of the buyers insisted they get an inspection which they did despite strong protests.  They ended up walking away but found another home nearby that they fell in love with.

The above tips are some of the best I can offer when purchasing any Windsor real estate. As a professional real estate agent for over 25 years, I have seen lots of buyers in my time and I find that those you come to my office prepared are the buyers that have the most successful home search.

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