What Buyers Really Want In Windsor Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 20/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

Buyers purchasing Windsor homes have changed in the past few years.  Obviously the recent housing crisis has made buying and selling homes more challenging.  Buyers are much more selective in what they are looking for.  They understand they have more inventory to consider and they can be fairly picky in making their final decision.  Price, location and amenities are critical.  For sellers, homes don’t fly off the market like they did at one time, so now careful attention, such as curb appeal, fixing repairs and even staging if necessary are all common in order for a buyer to look at your home.  Again, competition is stiff.

So overall, what are buyers looking for in Windsor homes?  How has it changed and stayed the same in the last several years?

1.  Value:  A few years ago, buyers would often go well above asking price to purchase the house of their dreams.  The reason?  They knew someone else would snap it by in a second or they were in a bidding war with someone who wanted the home as badly as they did.  Today, this is not as common.  Buyers want a value.  They want to work with a seller who will negotiate.

2.  Convenience:  Buyers are looking for homes close to work, stores, schools, entertainment and recreation.

3.  Security:  Windsor homes in a safe neighborhood are critical to buyers.

4.  Comfort:  Most buyers today are not looking for fixer uppers or interested in dealing with homes that need major repairs.  They want a move in ready home that is warm and inviting.

5.  Privacy:  A home that offers privacy is high on many buyers’ lists.

6.  Education:  Families will always want Windsor homes in an excellent school district. They understand this will make it easier for them should they ever re-sell the home.


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