What Buyers Should Overlook When Buying Windsor Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 06/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When purchasing Windsor homes, buyers should realize that there are some things that should be overlooked. It is very rare to find what many expect to find:  The Perfect House.  It just doesn’t happen often and it unrealistic.  It is so unlikely to find a house without any flaws, that sadly, many buyers won’t stop looking until they do find it, which means a lot of good homes are going to others.

So what should buyers overlook?  What’s acceptable?

1.  Paint.  Don’t shy away from Windsor homes because you don’t like the paint color.  It is one of the easiest and most affordable fixes a buyer can do.  In fact, most homes undergo some sort of transformation once it is bought, as buyers want to personalize their home to suit their lifestyle.

2.  Outdated wallpaper:  While not as easy as paint, this is still a cheap way to change a room.

3.  Outdated kitchen cabinets:  You don’t need to replace kitchen cabinets.  Many Windsor homes have had their cabinets refaced inexpensively and it is amazing the difference it makes.

4.  Mirrored Walls:  Yes, this popular feature from the 1970’s still exist in homes today. But they are usually easily removable and a coat of paint can update a room in no time.

5.  Boring Window Treatments:  Yes, your Grandmother’s window treatments are never popular with buyers. But they are easy to take down, throw away and replace with drapes that can often be purchased ready to go!

6.  Broken Air Conditioners/Heaters:  Before you disregard a home based on a faulty heating and cooling system, make sure it’s not an easy repair.  Not always will a unit need to be replaced.

Without a doubt, buyers are more cautious when looking at Windsor homes, but don’t let minor repairs lead you away from a property that may otherwise be an excellent choice for you.

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