What Condition To Leave Your Windsor Properties In Once Moved:

Posted in Selling Blog | 27/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

There have been instances when a buyer walks into Windsor properties and are astounded at the condition of a home.  With homes where the seller needed to leave quickly, or in a foreclosed home, often the homes are in desperate need of a good cleaning.

But what are the responsibilities of a seller in a normal sale?  What are the customary ways to leave Windsor properties upon moving?  Most sellers do an excellent job of cleaning and many hire a cleaning service to make sure the house looks good for the new owners.  Here is a guideline that is recommended at the minimum:

1.  Remove all property:  Make sure nothing is left in the home unless it was in the contract.

2. Vacuum all flooring.

3.  Make sure all kitchen appliances are cleaned and the refrigerator is spotless with no food inside.  Clean the inside of the oven. Make sure counters are cleaned as well as sinks.

4.  Clean and scrub all bathroom fixtures including toilets, sinks, tubs and showers.  Mop floors in bathrooms if not carpeted.

5.  Clean the garage by removing all belongings unless otherwise specified in contract.

6.  Throw away all trash.

7.  Dispose of any and all toxic chemicals according to direction.

8.  Sweep the garage floor.

9.  If leaving paint cans, or other materials your buyer may need, stack safely.

It’s always good to think of it this way:  leave a home the way you would want to find it if you were moving in.

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