What Do I Offer On A Windsor Property For Sale?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 10/08/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

When getting ready to make an offer on a Windsor property for sale, buyers always want to know how much they should bid.  Needless to say, a real estate agent can guide, but we cannot tell any buyer exactly what they should offer.  It is normal for a buyer to want our opinion, but we can’t pull a number out and hand it to them.  In the end, it’s the buyer who must come up with an offer they are comfortable with and what they can afford.  The reasons we can’t give a specific bid to our clients are obvious, but here they are:

1.  Low Offer:  If an agent encourages clients to make a low offer and the sellers accept another offer or refuse to respond, then naturally a buyer will blame their agent.

2.  High Offer:  If a seller agrees to an offer almost immediately, a buyer can wonder if they paid too much if their agent encouraged them to bid high.

3.  Agent Won’t Live In Home:  A real estate agent will not be making the house payments, nor living in the home.  A buyer needs to offer a price they are comfortable with and what makes sense to them.

Responsible, professional real estate agents will do their best to get the Windsor property for sale that you want.  We are able to give competent and thoughtful advice based on our years of experience and knowledge.  But it should always be the buyers that make the final decision on what could be one of the largest financial purchases they will make.  No agent wants to be responsible for naming a solid price.

Our advice to buyers:  Get a pre-approved letter from your mortgage company, shop homes that are only in your price range and have a clear idea on the maximum you want to spend.  Don’t let your emotions take control of the bidding process.  Use your head and the advice of your agent to make a responsible offer that you can live with when deciding on a Windsor property for sale.

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