What First Time Buyers Should Ask Before Buying Windsor Houses

Posted in Buyer Blog | 09/08/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

When looking at Windsor houses, first time buyers should educate themselves on what to expect.  Experiences are different for everyone, but there is central theme to buying property and first time buyers should be prepared to ask questions.  As real estate agents, we don’t expect any buyer, let alone a first time buyer, to know the answers to everything regarding the purchase of a home.  In fact, most agents prefer to sit down with their clients and discuss the process so a buyer is thoroughly informed.  So what should a first time buyer ask?

1. Can I Afford It?  Not only do you need to consider the cost of Windsor houses, you need to be reminded of the costs involved maintaining a home.  Lenders don’t consider expenses such as child care, lifestyle habits, etc.  So make sure you can pay all of your bills while making a house payment.

2.  Is The Neighborhood Good?  Many first time homebuyers buy in neighbourhoods that are described as “up and coming,” which are often fixer uppers.  Make sure you know the community.  Is it safe?  Is there a crime issue? Is there adequate shopping nearby, good schools, outdoor areas if that’s important to you?

3.  Is The Home In Good Condition?  Buying a fixer-upper and a home that is need of expensive repairs are two different things.  While a simple coat of paint may be the answer for a room that is need of updating, it’s a whole other issue if an inspector tells you a new roof will be needed in a few years.  Make sure that if you have a tight budget, you are buying a home that is in good solid shape.

4.  Do I Love The Home?  Chances are, you will live here for several years.  Do you see yourself loving it, the neighborhood, and the town for that amount of time?  Don’t buy something just because everyone is telling you now is a good time to buy.  Make sure you imagine yourself coming home every day to these Windsor houses.  Buying real estate is no longer a short-term project

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