What Owners of Windsor Houses For Sale Need To Know

Posted in General Blog | 28/08/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

You are one of the many owners of Windsor houses for sale that is eagerly awaiting a buyer to walk through your property and make an offer.  Here is some advice that I give my clients when it is necessary for them to make their property stand out from the competition.  Yes, repairs, curb appeal and a clean home are very necessary and cannot be underestimated.  But it’s also important that sellers understand that not only does it take physical work to properly show a home, but also that there are certain steps a seller must know before that first potential buyer walks in the door.

1.  Be ready to show your home at any time:  It’s true.  There are times where a buyer gives little to know warning that they want to see Windsor houses for sale.  For example, they may be driving down your street looking at another property and notice your home.  They may pull over, call the listing agent and ask to see your house within the next half hour.  So make it easy for agents to show your home.  Don’t be tagged as “difficult,” or you will find those agents not making the effort to show clients your home. If you don’t have to, don’t use a “24 hour notice,” as a stipulation for showing your home.  Most buyers will skip right over to the next home.  They want to look at Windsor houses for sale on their time, not yours.

2.  Be flexible:  Stuff happens.  Often buyers will be late to a showing for a variety of reasons.  Either getting stuck in traffic, getting lost or taking more time at a previous showing are just some of the common reasons a showing doesn’t happen on time.  I suggest that all sellers’ stay away longer than advised just in case a buyer is late for a showing.

3.  Stay away.  I have discussed this so many times, but it is interesting when sellers don’t think it matters if they are present during a showing.  This is always a bad idea.  Don’t make a buyer feel uncomfortable.  With you in the next room, they can’t freely discuss what they are thinking about your property, they won’t open closets or kitchen drawers and chances are, they will leave without giving your home another thought.

4.  It’s also not necessary that a seller’s agent be present for all showings.  Once again, buyers don’t feel comfortable with anyone other than their own agent.  They don’t know what your agent will report back to you, so they won’t feel free to openly discuss their thoughts on your home.  If you have concerns about your property, then make sure they are stored securely.

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