What Questions To Ask At Open Houses for Windsor Properties

Posted in Buyer Blog | 23/08/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Realtors often conduct Open Houses for Windsor Properties. It is a good opportunity to have prospective buyers walk around, ask questions and visualize living in the home.  But for many first time homeowners, the experience can be a little intimidating.  Often, these buyers are unsure about what questions to ask a real estate agent while they are touring the property.  Certainly, it is necessary to ask common questions regarding the physical condition and layout of the property, but there are other questions a buyer should ask as well.

1.  While buyers may know the price of the home, they probably won’t know the background or the home’s pricing history.  It’s never a bad idea for buyers to ask about other bids a seller may have received.  If the owner has not received any or many offers, then you can use this information if you place a bid.  However, if the seller has received lots of attention, then a bid nearer the asking price may be necessary as well.

2.  Buyers should also ask how long the house has been on the market.  When Windsor properties have been on the market a long time, buyers often have more room for negotiation.

3.  If the home is located in a planned community, then buyers should ask if there are any additional monthly fees or association dues.  It is important to ask any questions you may have regarding the cost of living in a home.  By all means, ask about utility costs, if any major repairs are needed or have been recently completed and general questions regarding the neighborhood, schools, local shopping and traffic concerns.

4.  For first time homebuyers, money is often tight.  So ask if any of the furnishings, window treatments and appliances is included in the sale price.  If the answer is no, then ask if that is negotiable.

Never hesitate to ask any questions when looking at Windsor properties.  It helps make a final decision easier when you have all of the information

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