What To Consider Before Selling Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 05/07/2012

There are at least four important steps before any seller should consider before selling their Windsor property.  We are not talking about making the needed repairs or properly staging your home.  Rather it is critical a seller understand why he is selling his home.  Are you motivated or is this just something that suddenly occurred to you?  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment if your goals are not clear.

1.  Are You Buying A New Home?

Are you selling your home because it is necessary for you to find a new one?  Are you looking for something larger?  Smaller?  Drive by neighborhoods that appeal to you.  Is this a place you can consider moving?  Check out open houses, look on the Internet and weigh your options.  If after reviewing everything carefully, do you still want to move or do you think you want to stay where you are?

2.  Contact Windsor Real Estate Agents:

Take the opportunity to interview several real estate agents and ask them to prepare a marketing plan for your Windsor property.  Ask them information on price, what repairs need to be made to your home and what else needs to be done in order to prepare your home for sale.  Does this work seem like something you are up for?

3.  Contact A Lender:

Talk to a lender and determine how much you can afford to buy.  If you wish to continue, get a preapproval letter and compare mortgage loan types.

4.  Sell Your Windsor Property Before Buying:

Finally, you have decided to go through and sell your home.  Make sure you sell before you look for a property to buy.  Don’t be tempted to purchase something as no one wants to pay for two mortgages if they don’t have to.  Besides, not many have the resources for this if it becomes long term.

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