What To Look For In Kitchens When Buying Windsor Homes

Posted in Uncategorized | 11/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

When first time homebuyers are looking at Windsor properties, it is important that they leave their emotions at the door.  What does this mean?  Often times, buyers will fall in love with a home immediately, despite the fact that it has zero features that they requested.  Often times, when acting with your heart, you find yourself with a big case of buyer’s remorse, especially if you ignore big cost fixes just because you loved that it had a swimming pool.  So, here are some things I suggest first time buyers, or any buyers for that matter, look at carefully when considering Windsor properties.

The Kitchen:  This is usually the most important room in the home for most buyers. It’s also the most expensive to remodel.  Examine the following carefully:

1.  Cabinets:  Are you buying cheap or expensive cabinets?  Are they painted or stained?  Solid wood or not?  Make sure you understand what you are buying.  If you want to replace immediately, see if you can work with what you have, or if they will need to gutted altogether.

2.  Counters:  Many buyers want to see granite or some other high quality stone, so this is often the first thing they want to replace. Can you live with the counters as they are?  Or would you insist upon updating if needed?  Consider the cost of replacing.

3.  Floor:  This is another thing buyers need to look at carefully.  Laminate is the least expensive and usually the most common in kitchens.  Buyers don’t always like it, but it is practical.  Wood is very popular but is easily damaged by water.  Tile is often cold and not a favorite with many because of our colder winters.

4.  Appliances:  Can you live with the appliances?  Are they built in?  Older? Dated?  Do they look like they will need to be replaced soon?  Are they included with the home?

Overall, if you are not completely sold on a kitchen, but won’t have the money left to fix it anytime soon, have your real estate agent show you other homes before going back for a second look.  Again, each buyer is different, but if you are not completely sold on a home, take a deep breath and see what else is out there.  But if all of the good outweighs the bad and you find that you can’t live without the home, then let’s make an offer!



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