What Your Windsor Realtor Should Know

Posted in Buyer Blog | 20/08/2012

Windsor Realtor

Windsor Realtor

As a Windsor Realtor, it is important to meet with potential clients to understand how I can best help them with their moving experience.  It is also necessary for any realtor to know what is the motivation behind the move so we can best serve their goals.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is critical that any realtor listen to the answers of the following questions so that we know where you are coming from and what you can expect from us.

1.  Why are you moving now?  Do you have a job relocation?  Do you want to move to a better school district?  Larger home?  Are you facing financial difficulties?

2.  How many times have you moved or owned homes in the past?  It is very helpful if we know you have been through the process before or if you are a first time homebuyer or seller.

3.  How long have you considered moving?  Is this spontaneous or a very deliberate move?  Here we can often tell if a buyer or seller is serious about moving, or if they are putting out feelers to see what the market is like.

4.  Tell us how this move will benefit you and your family?  Again, are you looking for a larger home? Do you need a bigger yard? Closer to schools or a quicker commute to work?

5.  Are there any downsides to moving?  Will you be moving away from family?  To new schools?  Further away from work?  Will you lose money on your home?

6.  What is the best possible experience you are hoping for?  As a Windsor realtor, I want to see if I can make this happen for you.

7.  If your home won’t sell, how will this affect you?  If it’s a job relocation, will your family need to stay here until it’s sold?  Will you lose your home?  Will you wait it out?

8.  If you are not a first time homebuyer, what have your experiences been like with other real estate agents?  What did you like and dislike?

9.  What questions do you have for me?  We want to make sure that we answer any and all of your questions and address your concerns.

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