What’s Not So Popular With Windsor New Homes Today?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 05/07/2012

Windsor New Homes

Windsor New Homes

Buyers are out in droves looking at Windsor new homes to buy.  The market has picked up and confidence in the real estate market is improving.  However, buyers are still reluctant to extend their budgets and are less likely to go for homes that have all of the bells and whistles.  Today, these once popular home features are no longer required for buyers looking to purchase a home now.  So what do many consider passé?

1.  Two Story Family Room:  Okay, buyers still like these, but it is no longer a feature that is necessary.  Many find the heating/cooling costs and cleaning the high ceilings something they don’t want to maintain.

2.  Media Room:  Several years ago this was at the top of many buyers list, but no longer.

3.  Two Story Foyer:  Much like the two-story family room, buyers are looking for ways to save on utility bills. Energy saving windows and appliances are what many want now in Windsor new homes.

4.  Walking Trails:  New developments have always promoted walking trails in the past, but today, buyers have no problems walking the neighbourhoods the old-fashioned way: sidewalks.

5.  Spa like Master Baths:  While always appreciated, buyers want more practicality. Showers with multiple heads are no longer required.

6.  Formal Living Room:  This is not surprising as most prospective buyers always say that this room is the most underused in the house.  Rather, buyers would like to see a larger kitchen, family room or storage in Windsor new homes as opposed to a room that is rarely occupied.

7.  Whirlpool tubs:  Again, these are rarely used and buyers would rather see a stand-alone tub as opposed to this once popular feature.

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