When Organising Your Windsor Ontario Home For Sale, Ask These Questions First!

Posted in General Blog | 14/02/2014

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Windsor Ontario Home For Sale

Listing your Windsor Ontario home for sale takes some preparations.  Some tasks may be relatively easy and take little time, like making simple repairs.  But others will take longer, and organising your home is one of them.  Some homeowners may think it will take a long weekend to organise a large family home.  Howeever, it almost always takes longer.  Once they get started, they can’t believe how time consuming this job really is.  Easy?  No.  But it is something that clearly must be done, especially if a home is cluttered and shows very little storage space.

Before getting started on organising your home, keep in mind that it takes persistence and patience. Ask yourself these questions to see if you are up for the task:

1.  Do you have the time?

Again, this is usually not some simple task that takes a few days.  Most of my clients spend several weekends getting their home organised for sale.  Some become overwhelmed when they notice sorting through a home creates a huge mess!  Allow yourself plenty of time.  Start with one room (usually most start in rooms they use the least) and set aside even a few more hours than you think it will take as this will help you finish the job.

2.  Are you physically ready?

Yes, it takes some muscle strength to move boxes, lift heavy items, climb up and down stairs and bend non-stop.  If you know you are unable to do this, then ask friends or family to help.  Don’t overdo it, especially if you are feeling overtired.  Don’t overcommit to extra activities during this time but rather, focus on what you have in front of you.

3.  Are you emotionally ready?

Getting rid of personal possessions can create an emotional toll that often finds some homeowners keeping things they no longer need because they can’t stomach the thought of throwing or giving anything away.  If you think you are unable to make these decisions, then perhaps wait until you feel you are in a better position to make these emotional changes.  Once this happens, then organising a home feels more empowering.  There are also professional organisers that can make an overwhelming task much more bearable.  This is well worth the money and buyers will take note of a well thought out home.

Once you are ready to get your home in selling shape, follow these tips:

1.  Create a plan.  Make your home more efficient and clutter free so when your buyer walks in the front door, they can imagine living in your home!

2.  Stay focused.  Don’t get distracted and put off your project once you begin.  Set goals throughout the day and follow through.

3.  Ask for help. Don’t feel you need to do this alone.  Again, ask children, young or old, to help out. Friends and other family members may also have some good advice as well as muscle strength!

4.  Make it fun.  A positive attitude, no matter what the project, creates a stress free environment! Listen to good music, take short breaks for a walk or to get some fresh air. At the end of the day, reward yourself and others by having a casual pizza dinner and some good beverages.

5.  Remember the end result.  Remember that your hard work will absolutely pay off.  Not only will you have a created a home where buyers will notice, but there is something very satisfying about completing a task from start to finish.

Finally, if time is of the essence, concentrate on the following rooms of your home.  These are the areas where buyers pay the most attention:

1.  Entry way:  Buyers should always walk into a clutter free front room.

images-22.  Kitchen:  Take everything off the counters, papers and magnets off the fridge to create a less chaotic room.

3.  Closets:  Take 3/4 of clothing and other belongings out of the closet and store somewhere else, if necessary out of the house and out of sight of buyers.  This creates a larger closet.

4.  Family room:  Take out personal photos, overstuffed furniture and other personal belongings to create a light filled, clutter free room.



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