When Should I Call My Windsor Real Estate Agent?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 21/06/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

First things first:  You should never hesitate calling your Windsor real estate agent whenever you have a question or concern or need some information.  That is why we are here, to make your life easier in any way we can.

Here are some of the most common reasons our clients call us:

1.  Desire property information:

This is usually one of the more popular reasons we get called for.  Buyers want to know how big a property is, how long it has been on the market, if sellers are motivated, how many square feet, etc.

2.  Pricing:

This can entail a lot of questions.  Such as, buyers want to know if the home is overpriced or if the asking price has been reduced.  Also, what the neighbourhood comps are.

3.  Selling a home:

We get many phone calls a day from those who are thinking about selling their home.  We are asked about the process and we are happy to discuss all things regarding the current market conditions and the necessary steps one must take to prepare a home for listing. We can help recommend inspectors, stagers or any other professional that your house may need or desire.

4.  Home inspections:

From giving out our recommendations for some of the best inspectors in the Windsor area to going over what an inspection should entail and costs are some of the many questions we get regarding this subject.

5.  How to buy a home:

Some people call our office for advice about buying a home in general.  Some are putting their toes in the water and exploring the possibility of buying a home before interest rates go up as well as home prices.  They want to know about down payments, contracts, what they can buy with their budget as well as recommendations on loan companies.

6.  Preparing an offer:

When a buyer has finally made the decision on a property, then it’s time to close the deal. Making an offer can be stressful, so many want to know how to make the best offer possible. They also want to know what to include and what not to include.  A real estate agent should always be prepared to make sure you include everything you can.  Hopefully, they will have some background on the sellers, such as if they are motivated and why they are selling.

For sellers, when an offer is received, we get lots of questions from our clients such as what they should consider when they receive an offer.

7.  Negotiations:

images-1This is often a very stressful time for both buyers and sellers.  When an  offer goes back and forth, things can get tense, so needless to say, there are lots of questions being asked. Overall, the most common questions are:  “What price should I offer?”  “Should I accept this offer or make another counter?” Keep in mind that no real estate agent can tell you a specific price.  That is completely up to you.  What we can do is give you a general idea and price range on what to offer.  For example, if you are the buyer and you want to give a low offer on a home that we know the seller won’t accept, we can’t tell you “no” but we can say that we think the seller will do and how to make a more solid offer, the price should be increased.  If a seller receives a low offer after their home has been on the market for many months, we can’t tell them to accept or not to accept as that decision is completely up to them.  But we can tell them our opinion on if the offer is reasonable or not.


This is a very busy time for both the real estate agent and the client.  Here is where the agent may have more questions than the actual client.  We may need paperwork, signatures or anything else to make sure the closing is as stress free as possible.  This is when it’s important for clients to return calls as soon as possible and send in any necessary papers that we need as quickly as possible.

As real estate agents, we are here to make your life easier when you purchase or sell a home.  Remember, this is why we are here, to give you the answers you need.  No phone call or question is ever disregarded or considered silly.

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