When Staging Backfires Regarding Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Posted in General Blog | 29/08/2013

Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Can staging homes for sale in Windsor Ontario backfire?  Well, let’s put it this way, there are several staging techniques that are not simply not worth the price.  Not only does it turn off buyers, but it’s just a total waste of money.

First and foremost:  Staging a home, when done correctly, works.  It not only can increase your sales price, but can almost always put a property on the top of any buyer’s list.  Why?  Because professional stagers know what buyers are looking for when house hunting.  They can eliminate the knick-knacks, the oversized furniture and make every room look appealing and welcoming.  Stagers know how to focus on a home’s special features and characteristics and can turn most any property into a showcase.

The problem is, when not done correctly, a buyer can see really strange and unnecessary stage techniques that can truly upstage the home itself.  Here are some of the most bizarre staging we have seen.  If you hire a professional stager that wants to do any of the following, think twice.  Again, you may be wasting your money:

1.  Themed rooms:

I have yet to find a buyer who walked into a “themed” bedroom and wanted to buy a home based on that impression.  For the most part, these type of rooms look ridiculous.  Agents have seen bedrooms turned into “beach” rooms with sea shells, comforters, pillows and artwork that really is over-the-top silly.  Also we have seen rooms with a “zoo” theme with stuffed animals galore, painted walls with various animals including zebra type bedding is completely too much that buyers won’t take note of the spacious closets, large room size or the  fact that the room gets plenty of natural light.  In other words, why hide the room’s best features?  Keep it simple, accessorize at the minimum and have rooms in a simple, neutral colour paint.

2.  Rooms that are over-personalized:

An agent once had a client that wanted to sell her home.  It was absolutely beautiful on the outside.  The curb appeal was incredible, not to mention it was on one of the very best streets in the area.  Normally, it would have sold in a second, but the interior of her home was so personalized, that buyers could not see past it.  She loved the farm-house look, so her kitchen tiles were painted with country flowers, her walls had stenciling everywhere and large quilts were hanging from every wall.  She had shelves throughout the house that had displays of farm animals and every bit of artwork had a country theme.  For buyers it was too much.  They simply could not see past the country theme and realized that every room would need to be repainted and the kitchen would need a major overhaul.  While this is fine if you plan on living here for many years, a seller must take into consideration that a decoration style that is not basically neutral may take longer to sell.  The best thing this seller could have done would be to box up her knick-knacks and paint the rooms a neutral colour.  Without a doubt, she would have sold her home quickly and at top dollar.  Instead, the home sat on the market and took several price reductions before it sold at a bargain basement price.

3. Making a dark room darker:

This is especially a problem with rooms that are small anyways.  But if you have any room that is painted a dark colour, then go on to make it darker with heavy drapes and large, over stuffed furniture, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot.  With small rooms, paint them a neutral colour, such as tan or an off white.  Make sure the window treatments are shear and basically clutter free.

4.  Ignoring curb appeal:

images-1Most stagers realize that buyers won’t even step inside if they don’t like the outside.  First impressions are important, so make your front yard appealing to the most picky of buyers by raking leaves, cleaning up flower gardens, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds and sweeping the front entry and sidewalks.  Plant seasonal flowers that are bright and complement your home.  Once you have this done, buyers will walk into your house and that is half the battle.

Again, staging is a very effective real estate tool.  Don’t ignore it if you feel your home could benefit from some professional work.  It may be the best money you have ever spent as it can increase the value of your home.  However, don’t fall for those over-the-top efforts that can only take away from the strong points of your home.  Before making any decisions, talk to your real estate agent and get their opinion.

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