When Staging For Windsor Properties Doesn’t Work

Posted in General Blog | 09/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

When selling Windsor properties that need immediate improvement, I often recommend a professional stager.  As a professional real estate agent, it is imperative that a staged home is featured and highlighted in the best possible way.  So it is surprising when new clients hire me and have had unsuccessful experiences with stagers in the past.  While home staging is only factor in selling a home, it should be an important one.  Here’s why it may not work at times.

1.  A professional real estate agent should always recommend a stager that knows your style of home and your neighborhood.  They must also have a very strong feel of what buyers are looking for.

2.  If a stager comes in after your home has been on the market for several weeks, make sure your real estate agent arranges new photography for your Windsor property.  If the old photos are still showing up on websites and promotional material, then you have to ask yourself why you hired a stager in the first place.  It is the job of a real estate agent to take these necessary steps.

3.  Like all professions, there are good and bad stagers.  Some de-clutter a house so much that it might as well be vacant.  Others add so many touches that it is distracting to buyers.  Many over the top staging tricks don’t sell a home.  It’s best that it remain simple while highlighting the features of your home.

4.  It is important that a stager make a small home look larger.  If you have a home where the bedrooms are tiny for example, then most of the furniture needs to be taken out that make it look cramped.  A stager will recognize that by simply having a bed and a dresser in the room you are creating the impression that the room is of good size.

5.  Once a home is staged, it is up to the real estate agent to successfully market your Windsor property showcasing its appeal. By promoting your home on the Internet, through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media, as well as through excellent MLS photos, open houses and print advertising you are making your home available to every potential buyer.

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