Why Do I Need To Hire Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 31/08/2013

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

Windsor Ontario Real Estate Agents

Many sellers today think it is unnecessary to hire Windsor Ontario real estate agents when listing their property.  And there are those buyers that feel they can find their own home and use the seller’s agent.  Many of these experiences work out just fine.  But here are some of the reasons why hiring an agent can save both the seller and the buyer time as well as money:

Here is what a Windsor Ontario real estate agent can offer to those selling their homes:

1.  Professional marketing materials.

2.  Excellent virtual tours with photography that will highlight your home’s best features that today’s buyers want.

3.  Wide Internet exposure which is where over 90 percent of today’s buyers start their home search.

4.  Promotion within the real estate community with wide range of contacts.

5.  Expert negotiation skills and price guidance.  A seller should never price their house too high or too low.

6.  A list of professionals that are the best in the business, from stagers, home inspectors, repair contractors, etc.

7.  Valuable feedback from buyers and other real estate agents.

8.  Experts regarding the community, town and neighbourhood.  Information on what is new or changing in the area.

Sellers needs to ask themselves if they want to sell their home as quickly as possible.  For those that need to move sooner rather than later, then hiring a professional real estate that can get the process moving is always a step in the right direction.  A seller who wonders if their home is staying on the market longer than it should, must realize that homes that sit without any offers makes buyers feel something is wrong with the property.

Here is what a Windsor Ontario real estate agent can do for those buying a home:

1.  An agent can tell you if a home is priced too high or a good value.

2.  Hiring a neighbourhood specialist means you are getting all of the valuable information you need to know about a community, such as good schools, crime statistics, if the neighbourhood is considered good or bad and home appreciations.

3.  Agents have information on properties that are coming on the market before they are even listed.  Often you can view a home before anyone else even knows about it.

4.  You can often find out why a seller is listing their home.  This can be valuable to know when making an offer and negotiating.

5.  You will have some of the best in the business working for you, such as highly recommended inspectors which is necessary when buying a home.

6.  Having an agent represent you when buying a home doesn’t cost the buyer a dime.  The seller pays all commissions, so why wouldn’t you want an agent that works for you but at no cost?

images-12The problem with buyers being represented by the seller’s agent, is that you never really know who the agent works for.  It’s hard to determine if you, as a buyer, are getting the information that you need.  Understand that the seller’s agent first priority is to the seller.  So an agent will know what the bottom price point is for the seller, but they can’t share it with you as it is a conflict of interest.  Having your own agent may very well give you valuable peace of mind and an advantage when bidding on a home.

Selling and buying a home are the biggest financial transactions most people make.  With such an important venture, why would you not hire a professional to see that your best interests are clearly represented?  In today’s real estate market, homes are selling a bit more quickly than they have in many years.  But be aware to this fact:

Statistics show that 80 percent of buyers purchase their homes through real estate agents.  That means that if you are selling your home yourself, you are losing out on 80 percent of the buyers looking for homes today.  And in this crowded real estate market, a seller needs to ask if they are willing to limit the amount of buyers viewing their property.  Again, you must ask:  How long can I afford to have my property stay on the market?  Add up the mortgage payments, utilities, insurance and other costs.  Once you have a total, then one must wonder if a seller is really saving money overall?

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