Why Fall Curb Appeal Is A Must For Your Windsor Ontario House For Sale!

Posted in Selling Blog | 12/09/2013

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Maybe your Windsor Ontario house for sale has been on the market for a few months with little activity.  Or perhaps you are preparing to list your home this month.  Whatever the case, let me explain why fall curb appeal is an absolute must.

At the beginning of this month, I wrote that I would be writing how to prepare your house for the fall buying season.  Many clients or buyers in general are under the impression that if you don’t sell your house in the spring or summer, then it will just sit on the market until the following year.  Thankfully, this is not true and hasn’t been true in years.  Fall and winter are INCREDIBLE times to list your homes because you have only SERIOUS buyers looking.  Rarely, very rarely, will you see people making appointments to see a home just because, “they are curious.”  Maybe if the home is a landmark or the talk of the town will you have some “looky loos,” but for the vast majority only serious buyers are looking for homes now.  For a home owner selling their Windsor house, you must set your home apart from the competition and attract your buyer from the moment he or she gets out of the car.  That is why curb appeal is so critical.  It can literally sell your home or at the very least, get your buyer’s attention right away and cement that valuable first impression.

With the days becoming shorter, nights colder and the days filled with crisp air, buyers want to see a house that can become their home.  This is the time of year where BBQ’s are turned off, outside toys are packed away and attention is turned toward the inside of the home.  But before buyers will even think of walking through your front door, they must like the outside first.  I have had clients that have pulled into a driveway and will simply ask to leave without even getting out of the car.  Why?  The see a house that has been neglected or very little thought has been put into it and they don’t have the time or resources to make improvements.  Here are some of the best suggestions we can offer for those looking to give their property a facelift if it has been on the market for a while or when you put your home up for sale in the fall.

1.  Plant the borders with seasonal flowers, such as blooming mums.  Have the colours compliment the home and don’t forget to include flowers by the front door. No plastic!

2.  Make your front door stand out:  Clean the outside entry of your home throughly, wash down the door, repaint if necessary, remove cobwebs and dead bugs.  Put out a fall wreath that screams “Welcome!” as well as a nice door mat.

3.  Clean up the rest of the exterior of your home:  Does your house need a powerwash?  Are there loose roof shingles or gutters filled to capacity because they haven’t been cleaned out in a while?  You don’t have to spend a fortune to make improvements that will be noticed by buyers or the very least, home inspectors.

4.  Don’t forget outdoor lighting!  Again, because the days are getting shorter, you may have buyers that can only see your home after work or in the evenings.  Outdoor lighting is not only attractive, but buyers love it!  Home improvement stores have lots of choices at various price ranges.  At the very least, make sure any outdoor lights that you do have are working properly and replace the lightbulbs now so you don’t have to worry about them going out.  Again, you want to make sure all paths and driveways are well lit.  Put indoor lights on timers if necessary so buyers won’t walk into a dark home.

5.  Replace any outdated features.  If your home looks like it is in a time warp, then now is the time to update.  Add new light fixtures (use same mountings as current ones), replace your older mailbox, install new house numbers if yours are hidden, old or faded.

images-146.  Invest in a fall clean-up.  Make sure that you keep on top of the yard work in the fall.  This means raking leaves, fertilizing your lawn, removing dead shrubs and summer weeds.

Curb appeal is the best thing you can do for yourself when selling a home.  Not only does it make your home appear welcoming, but a buyer can instantly look at it and say, “I can live here!”  It makes them eager to go inside and see what else your property has in store for them.




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