Why Feedback For Your Windsor Property For Sale Is Critical

Posted in General Blog | 10/06/2013

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

The one thing I always try to do for my clients is to get feedback from buyers regarding their Windsor property for sale.  After every showing, it is important for sellers to understand and hear what buyers think of their home overall.  It is always good practice for a buyer’s agent to take a few minutes and relay this critical information to the listing agent.

Why is this so important?

For most sellers, they have spent countless hours and often a decent amount of money to prepare their homes for the real estate market.  They have made the necessary repairs, maybe painted, landscaped, decluttered and scrubbed their house clean to open their home for potential buyers.  Therefore, it’s only natural they are anxious to hear what others have to say.  Here are some other thoughts on feedback:

1.  A good agent will never hide feedback from their client.

Of course, there are times that the feedback isn’t good yet sellers absolutely need to know.  It’s never fun to tell a client that buyers thought their house smelled like pet hair, or that it wasn’t very clean or maybe it was really outdated for them to even consider.  What’s important, is that once this information is shared with a client, that action is taken to try to improve for the next showing if at all possible.  I will make it a point to walk through the house and see if any of these complaints are justified if too many are received and how they can be resolved.  Of course, there is not much you can do about updating an entire home, but there is always something you can do to keep a house smelling and looking clean.

2.  Take feedback as constructive criticism.

Remember, you can’t please everyone.  You may absolutely love the floor plan of your home, but if a buyer relays that it wasn’t functional, then remember, each family has different needs.  If a buyer says that they didn’t like the neighbourhood, again, there is nothing you can do about it, so wait until the next buyer comes along.

3.  Don’t shoot the messenger:

Our job as your real estate agent is to give you the good news along with the bad.  If you are taking offense at what a buyer said about your home, remember, we are only telling you their opinion.  We all have emotional attachments to our home so it’s easy to understand why feelings may be hurt or why a seller may get angry, but again, feedback is here to help you or you can ignore it.  It’s completely up to you.

Feedback is an excellent way to determine why your home isn’t selling if it has been on the market for some time without an offer.  If a seller hears the same thing over and over again, such as:

“We want more updates

“The yard is too small”

“The street is too busy”

then it may be time to consider lowering the price, since you can’t change a home’s location, or expand the yard or remodel a home with the latest features (unless you have the budget and chose to do it).  Again, too much negative feedback often makes it easier for a seller to realize that reducing the listing price may be the only alternative to sell a home quickly.

images-10Finally, the best part of feedback obviously, is when you hear good news!  I recently received a short note from another agent that was very detailed and precise regarding her client’s feedback.  Not only did she mention a few things the buyers didn’t like, but she made it a point to list what they loved.  For my clients, this was very encouraging.  They liked the fact that the improvements they did make, such as repainting dark rooms a lighter colour and updating the flooring, made a huge and wonderful impact on the home.  It’s important that buyers list not only what they didn’t like, but what they loved as well.

So if you are currently looking for homes and your agent asks for your feedback, know that this really is information that a seller needs in order to make necessary improvements or if their home shows well.  Honest feedback containing important criteria and relevant information is truly valued and overall appreciated.

As a seller, if your agent is not giving you the needed feedback from buyers, then make sure you ask them for it.  Some may say that the only important feedback is an offer, but my opinion is that it is a necessary part of the showing process.



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