Why Feedback is Important When Selling Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 13/05/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

As a home seller, you have probably spent a good amount of time, not to mention expense, getting your Windsor property ready to put on the market.  And for many, this is no easy or simple task.  Today’s sellers know that they have to list a home that will appeal to a great many buyers, have it be in move-in ready condition and price it correctly.  There is a lot going on obviously.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and will continue tomorrow, buyers need to be impressed the minute they arrive at your front door.  Chances are, you have done at least a few, if not all, of the following:

1.  Painted rooms a neutral colour

2.  Updated landscaping to create curb appeal

3.  Make minor and/or major home repairs

4.  Updated rooms

5.  Cleaned or replaced flooring/carpeting

6.  Throughly cleaned the house from top to bottom

So once your home hits the market and you prepare for your first showing, without a doubt, you want to know what the buyers thought of it.  Who wouldn’t?  Again, after all the time and expense, you want to make sure you didn’t do it all for nothing.  So that’s why feedback is crucial and so valuable for home sellers.  But take a word of caution:

You can’t please everyone!

What you want to do, is please the majority of the buyers, but it’s unrealistic to think that every single buyer will love your home.  If they did, you would be overwhelmed with offers.  So let’s look at some of the feedback we have heard recently, and what you can do about it:

1.  We loved the house, but the bedrooms are too small!

There is nothing you can do about this unless your bedrooms are overwhelmed with furniture.  Do you have a tiny bedroom but it has a large bed and dresser crammed into it?  Take out as much furniture as possible.  Even in smaller bedrooms, take out the king size bed and replace with a full bed.  Add a dresser, but leave out other furniture. Paint the room a nice neutral colour and make sure the window treatments are simple, sheer white curtains and not a heavy, over the top treatment that can also make a room appear smaller.  It’s amazing what you can do to make rooms look bigger.

2.  We want more of an open floor plan.

If you live in an older home, where the layout is more traditional with the kitchen in the back of the home, etc., then there really is not much you can do for those that prefer the popular open floor plan now, where the kitchen and family room are the center of the home.  Target your home selling efforts to those buyers that love older homes with character.  These often include first time home buyers.

3.  The house is too dated!

There are simple things you can do to make a dated home more appealing.  Remove old wallpaper and again, paint the room a neutral colour.  Replace all gold light fixtures with a more contemporary look.  The same goes with any old hardware on kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  If your budget allows, replace flooring and countertops with a mid-priced alternative.  Again, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make simple updates.  A freshly painted room works wonders and a gallon of paint costs next to nothing.

4.  The house is on a busy street!

images-12With the exception of picking it up and moving it to a quieter location, there is nothing you can do about your home’s location.  The first thing though is to price the home correctly and let the buyer know that the home is value priced.  Also, if the home is quiet inside, make sure buyers know this.  Remember, there is a buyer for every home, so once again, target your property to those buyers that are looking for value.  Again, this is usually a first time home buyer.

5.  We loved the house, but it had a peculiar odor!

The first thing buyers do when they walk into a home is do the sniff test.  They may not even know they are doing it, but smell gives it away every time.  The best thing you can do is to make sure your house is throughly cleaned before each and every showing.  Don’t overdo it on the home fragrances or scented candles as buyers don’t like to be overwhelmed with those smells either.  Don’t cook an exotic or fish dinner the night before or anything where garlic is the main ingredient. If you have pets, and this needs to be reiterated, see if they can stay somewhere else while your home is on the market.  At the very least, make sure they are gone the day of a showing and remove all pet hair, kitty litter boxes and anything else they leave behind in the yard.

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