Why Is My Neighbor Selling Their Windsor Home?

Posted in General Blog | 30/08/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

One of the most common questions a buyer asks is, “Why are they selling their Windsor home?”  How often do you drive by a neighbourhood and see a home for sale and ask yourself, “I wonder why they are moving?”  Sellers move for a variety of reasons, but here are the top reasons a homeowner sells their home.

1.  Lifestyle change:  For many, owning a home is big expense and the thought of putting any more money into a Windsor home is enough to put it on the market.  Sellers here would rather travel, pursue a hobby but overall, just be less responsible.

2.  Upgrade:  Sellers often want to move from their smaller home to something bigger and grander.

3.  Job transfer:  People are now going where the jobs are, and it’s rare when anyone turns down an opportunity to work, even if it means they need to move.

4.  Empty nest:  Owners here want a smaller Windsor home, less upkeep and more time to pursue other interests.

5.  Be closer to family:  For many, the desire to be closer to family is a major reason to relocate.  This is especially true as parents’ age and they want to be close to their children and grandchildren.

6.  Neighbourhood:  Unfortunately, neighbourhoods sometime change for the worse. Whether a seller doesn’t get along well with neighbours, or doesn’t like the idea that a freeway is going in nearby or there are too many homes in foreclosure, they figure it’s best to get out before it gets worse.

7.  Health problems:  Owning a home can not only take work, but it takes a lot of physical energy, from cleaning, walking up stairs, landscaping, etc.  For those suffering from health problems, a move to a smaller home with less maintenance is a reason to sell a home.

8.  Cash:  Some owners want to take the money and run.  If a Windsor home has a large equity, many people would prefer to see it in a bank and not in their home.

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