Why Is My Windsor Ontario House For Sale Still On The Market?

Posted in General Blog | 28/08/2013

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

With summer winding down, many buyers are very disappointed that their Windsor Ontario house for sale is still on the market.  Some have been on the market for several months without much of a bite from buyers.  Naturally, they are upset when their homes don’t sell and wonder what went wrong.  Many are in desperate need to move either do to finances, a relocation or eager to move out of the area before winter arrives.

I often meet with clients who have had bad luck selling their homes with previous agents. Usually, the reasons are pretty obvious why a home hasn’t sold.  Some are so emotionally attached to their property that they have listed it way too high.  Other’s haven’t done a lick of work to spruce their up their house.  Regardless, sellers who have properties that are sitting on the market must realize that they are sitting on a home that is viewed as “old news” to buyers.  The longer a home sits, the less appealing it is.  Buyers like real estate that is fresh on the market and if they see a house that has been listed for several months, they assume something is wrong with it.  And in a seller’s market, when a home does sit longer, the buyer is usually right.

So if you are anxious to sell your home quickly, if you want to be out of your house before the holidays or the real cold weather hits, you must do the following:

1.  Price it right:  Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you must price your home accordingly.  Cut the emotional ties you have for your house and ignore the fact that you feel your home is worth more that others in the neighbourhood despite your upgrades and home improvements.  While some of it may matter, buyers don’t often want the best house on the block, they want the best value.  Your upgrades may have appealed to your family, such as the new movie theatre or large swimming pool, but for many buyers, that is not an incentive.

2.  Location:  If your home is in an undesirable location, your home should be priced lower than those in good neighbourhoods.  Even if your home is top of the line, it still is usually not priced as high as even a home that needs updating in the best area with top schools.  Location truly matters when selling a home and this will not change.

3.  Condition:  If you have a home that is need of lots of work, that is cluttered, has zero curb appeal and obvious repairs only appeals to buyers when it is priced extremely well and who enjoy fixing up properties.  Unfortunately, these buyers are often few and far between.  The majority like homes that are move-in ready.  It goes without saying that homes that have been well cared for catch the eye’s of an anxious buyer.

But like anything else, there is no crystal ball when a home will sell.  No real estate agent can say your home will sell within a week unless he or she has buyers waiting at the door anxious to make a bid.  I always tell my clients who are anxious to sell, don’t only price it right and make necessary repairs, but also do the following:

images-41.  Always be prepared for the unexpected showing.  Keep your house clean and organized the entire time you have it listed.  You never know when a buyer will want to see your house and you certainly don’t want to turn down a showing.

2. Keep a lockbox.  You want a real estate agent to be able to see your home at the buyer’s convenience, not yours, so they need to have easy access.  Also, make sure you don’t insist on “appointment only” showings.  Buyers often are flying in from out-of-town or must see a home in the evening or on weekends.

3.  Keep pets away.  Not everyone loves pets and it can be distracting for a buyer to walk around your home with animals running around.  Make arrangements at a pet day care or with a neighbour when there is a scheduled showing.

4.  Finally, it is never good when sellers stay for a scheduled showing.  Buyers want to tour the property with their agent and won’t feel comfortable making comments if you are around.  Let the agents do their job.


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