Why Social Media Can Sell Your Windsor Property

Posted in Selling Blog | 16/07/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

It was unheard of just a few short years ago that social media could help sell your Windsor property.  Today, it is a strong feature and a much needed tool in getting word out about your home.  Social media is available 24/7 and never closes down.  A buyer can research the Internet at any time and suddenly be viewing your home online at all hours of the day.  Any real estate agent that doesn’t use online services and take advantage of these opportunities is not reaching your target audience.

For real estate agents there is no better way to create a social media marketing presence than by following some of these helpful tricks.

1.  All Social Media can easily be connected so that you can access and operate your marketing tools effectively.  For example, Twitter is a valuable tool that makes it easy for a real estate agent to quickly get news out about a great home, price reduction or open house.  These “tweets” can be organized and sent out to followers in no time.

2.  You Tube is a great way to post videos about your home.  A potential buyer can view your home at their leisure.  If they like what they see, they can forward it to family and friends, notify the real estate agent, and make an appointment.  Does your current real estate agent have a Youtube account for your Windsor property?

3.  It’s important that if you are practicing with social media, that you be interactive and answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.  Keep the information current.  If a home has sold, remove it.  If a price is lowered, change it.

4.  Social media costs nothing.  There is no reason why any agent should not be participating.  Anyone can set up Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts quickly.

5.  The goal for any real estate agent when selling a Windsor property is to target the right buyers and think strategically.  If it takes any time, it is to develop a loyal following that can get the word out to a buyer of your Windsor home.


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