Why Some Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario Sell Quickly While Others Don't.

Posted in General Blog | 26/09/2013

Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Do you often wonder why some homes for sale in Windsor Ontario sell quickly and others don’t, despite similarities?  Two houses can sit right next door to each other and offer the same square footage and amenities, but one will get an offer while the other will sit and sit.

This happens quite frequently and there are many reasons why.  It just goes to show you how important it is to prepare your home for sale.

1.  Appearance:

A home that sells quickly is one that is not only priced right, but the home owners have put some time and effort into making repairs and updates where needed.  This home has neutral paint, zero clutter, cleaned from top to bottom and professionally cleaned carpet and flooring.  The home next door that is not selling?  Various bright and bold paint colours throughout the home, unkempt or limited cleaning, personal belongings, including memorabilia scattered throughout and littering wall space and flooring that is stained, dirty or old and dated.

Homes can look exactly the same on the outside, but be totally different on the inside.  Buyers want to move into a home where very little work is needed.  They also want to see a clean house.  I have walked into homes where beds have been unmade, dirty dishes in the sink and pets running around making a mess.  While the one that is prepared for buyers will sell quickly at top dollar, the neighbour who did little, will sit on a home.  It’s that simple.

2.  Preparing for showing:

Sellers that not only prepare their homes for sell, but also put attention into a showing, make a world of difference.  A buyer wants to feel welcome when they enter a home, so those homeowners that have the lights on, a freshly swept path leading to the front door, a fire in the fireplace and maybe cookies or fresh bottled water available makes a  huge impression on buyers.  Also critical:  getting rid of pets during a showing.  Sellers that leave their pets to run around or put them outside where they can bark non-stop, make buyers feel like intruders and not welcome guests.  Not only that, but the sellers need to leave as well because no buyer wants to look into the closets under a homeowner’s watchful eye. So think about it, as a buyer, what home would appeal to you?  A clean home welcoming the buyer, or a seller that greets you at the door with their pets?

3.  Real estate agents:

images-6Sometimes, a real estate agent can do a disservice to his or her client.  A home can be prepared to sell, but if an agent doesn’t do their job, then it can mean a longer listing.  The home that sells is represented by an agent that has an effective marketing plan, long-term experience with pricing and negotiations and many contacts in the real estate industry.  A real estate agent can make all of the difference in your home selling at top dollar and certainly more quickly than an agent who doesn’t follow through on leads, phone calls, paperwork or fails to establish a marketing plan targeting the right buyer.

4.  Price:

This needs to be repeated often:  Pricing your home at the right price from the start means buyers will take your home seriously.  So let’s say you have these two homes side by side.  Again, they are both the same square footage and same lot size yet one home has an updated kitchen and swimming pool which cost the owner $60,000.  Does that mean you add $60k to the price of the home?  Some owners say “yes” and will insist on jacking up the price of their home.  The owner will say, “But my house is worth more because it has more!” Well guess what, the house will sit on the market despite the home improvements.  Why?  Because buyers determine what the house is worth and overall, they lean toward a home that is priced what the comps say it is worth.  That is not to say that your house isn’t worth more, but sellers don’t recoup dollar for dollar what they put into a home.

So if you have two homes side by side and one sells quickly while the other languishes on the market taking price cut after price cut, then chances are, you will walk into a home that needs some major attention.  It goes to show you, once again, that preparing your home for the market, even just painting a few rooms, can make all the difference in the world.




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