Why Summer Is Not The Best Time For Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Posted in General Blog | 04/09/2013


Homes For Sale Windsor Ontario

Everyone assumes that the best time to list homes for sale in Windsor Ontario is during the summer.  This is wrong.  Dead wrong.  When I hear people say that my automatic response is:  Every DAY is the best time to sell a home.

You are probably thinking, “Well, that’s a real estate agent talking.”  But I have been in this industry for over 25 years and I can assure you, every season has buyers looking for homes.  In fact, if anything, the need for buying a home 365 days a year has INCREASED!  More and more people are relocating, downsizing and/or upsizing.  True, summer has buyers who want to be in a home before school starts, but in the fall, you have buyers who want to settle before the holidays. In the winter, you have serious buyers who won’t waste your time as you can be fairly certain they are not looky loos going out in poor weather, and in the spring, buyers who have browsed through internet listings the entire winter are now ready to see some properties and move.

Clients walk through our doors every day looking for homes and it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is.  So when sellers are despondent that their homes for sale in Windsor Ontario are still on the market, they automatically assume that buyers have gone into hibernation until next spring.  Not true.  That’s not to say that if your home didn’t sell that you will need to sit down with your real estate agent to give it a fresh look for the fall season, and certainly to consider if the sales price is too high, but don’t worry about buyers going away.  That won’t happen.

Throughout the month of September, I will be writing about the various ways you can sale your home this fall.  These will be proven and well established techniques to have your home stand out from the rest of the competition.  Understand that while homes sell every day of the year (and yes, even on Christmas Day!), your methods of selling a home should be marketed toward the season.  Again, as the month goes by, helpful tips can be found on this website to help get your home sold.

If push comes to shove, and I need to say what the best season is for selling a home, let me tell you why summer is not necessarily one of them:

1.  Buyers go on vacation and are often distracted with planning.

2.  Children have lots of summer activities and sports which keep families busy.

3.  Buyers entertain and host out-of-town visitors so schedules are often unpredictable.

So in other words, life is busy and often chaotic for buyers during the summer with no day-to-day routine.  So again, don’t be concerned that you missed what is often referred to as “the best time to sell your home” because it just isn’t true.

images-4But now, it’s time to get your home ready. The first piece of advice:  Have a plan.  Work with an agent to discuss why you need to sell your home and what your financial goals are  before you list your home.  A professional real estate agent can provide you with excellent tips on how to sell a home at any time of the year.  Because colder weather can often be discouraging regarding homes for sale in Windsor Ontario, it’s important to have an effective game plan to start so any issues don’t pose a problem.  As I mentioned, it’s important to set your home apart from others, so having a well thought out marketing program is necessary.

What do I mean by this?  During the fall and winter months, many buyers are relocating due to their job.  Therefore, depending on your home, it’s important to target this buyer with effective marketing.  What can you do to present your home in the best possible way to the majority of these buyers?  Certainly if you live by outstanding schools, shopping, business district and entertainment, these are top issues.  Also, if you live close to nature reserves, walking and bike paths these should also be highly promoted in your sales materials.  Again, we will be discussing these and other top ways to sell your home quickly in the fall this month.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call, email or stop by our office if you are considering selling your home this fall.  Let us show you how to list your home at the best possible price and get it sold!


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