Why Use Social Media To Sell Your Windsor Home

Posted in Selling Blog | 02/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

A few short years ago, words like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest were never used to sell your Windsor home.  Today, it’s just about mandatory in order to give your home the best access to your target audience.

However, social media is only good in selling a Windsor home if it is used properly.  As a real estate agent, the key is to make sure you are creating a loyal audience and this takes hard and consistent work.  Here are some proven ways that social media can sell your Windsor home:

Facebook:  Make sure your privacy settings are set to “public.”

1.  Use professional looking photos to create a photo album of your Windsor home for sell.

2.  Upload a video tour of your home.

3.  Link to your realtor’s website where people can find out more information on your home.

4.  Encourage friends to share your property.


1.  Retweet your Facebook, realtor’s website and any other source of online information about your home, your city, your school district, etc., to your Twitter account.  Again, any positive news source regarding your town needs to be retweeted!

2.  Don’t be shy in asking your Twitter followers to pass along information regarding your Windsor home to their followers.

3. Build up a network of followers.  If you are new to Twitter, the important thing is to link with others that have common interests.  Go online to other real estate agencies, follow them, comment on their posts, and sure enough, they will follow you!

Real estate experts are saying that social media is the new way to sell homes.  While agents get 80 percent of their clients from recommendations, the rest is largely due to a strong internet presence.  When interviewing a real estate professional, make sure they are up to date on all social media.  The vast majority of buyers are using these methods to find their home and  it is necessary to give your home this valuable exposure.  If you ask a prospective agent what a “tweet” is, and they answer that it’s the sound a bird makes, then keep looking.


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