Why Was My Windsor Real Estate Offer Rejected?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 04/07/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

No one is happy when a Windsor Real estate offer is rejected.  It guarantees nothing but disappointment and heartache for all involved.  But here are some of the top reasons why your offer was not accepted:

1.  Low Offer

This goes without saying that this is the most common reason a seller will decline an offer.  The reason could be that the seller was insulted, or that the home was just put on the market and a seller may feel it’s too soon to accept a less than appealing offer.  So while the bid may be low, there may be several reasons why the seller thinks this way.

2. Agent Is Not Professional:

Windsor Real Estate agents who do not handle an offer professionally, or don’t possess some manners, may be putting you at risk.  Again, as has been mentioned many, many times on this blog, always hire a professional real estate agent who knows how to properly work with other agents and submit timely and correct bids.  Ask your friends for recommendations and never be shy to ask for references from an agent. If a seller and their agent have to keep coming back to the buyer’s agent to request more information, then they will accept an offer from someone else.  No question.

3.  Buyer Not Able To Meet Seller’s Requirements:

Hopefully, your agent will know if a seller has any specific requirements when selling their Windsor real estate.  But if a buyer is unable to come to an agreement regarding the length of escrow, a substantial deposit or if a buyer doesn’t want to purchase a home “as is” if that is necessary for the seller, then your bid can be rejected.  Often, if there are several offers on the table, a seller will go with a buyer who has a pre-approved letter from a mortgage company.  Again, have your agent check prior to making an offer if there are any issues that need to be discussed or considered before you sign on the dotted line.



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