Why You Need A Windsor Real Estate Agent With Social Media

Posted in Buyer Blog | 15/04/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

As a Windsor real estate agent for over 20 years, I have seen the housing market change in ways that would have been impossible to predict.  Who would have thought that one day we would be using the Internet as widely as we are now?  From making travel reservations, managing our bank accounts, and connecting with people all over the world,  you don’t find many that are not without their mobile device nearby.  We now have access to all kinds of information right at our finger tips.

Today, with 90 percent of home buyers starting their search online, it is mandatory that you consider hiring a real estate professional that knows how to leverage the incredible power of social media.  Not using an agent that utilizes the Internet to its full advantage is like using a surgeon who doesn’t want to be bothered with the latest medical advances. Why would you do it?

Here is what a real estate agent in today’s world should be actively using:

1.  Website:

My website is updated every single day with current real estate news, trends, advice and other valuable information.  A client can also get access to free reports, a list of bank foreclosures and distress sales as well as information on my sales team.  Of course, the latest listings are also here as well.

2.  Facebook/Twitter:

An active Facebook and Twitter presence is valuable in getting word out about properties and the latest real estate news in our area.  It’s almost like the old-fashioned party line.  If someone hears something they like and think others would benefit, the word is spread faster than anything else.  If you are selling a property, don’t you want this kind of exposure?  With millions of people signing on to their Facebook or Twitter account every minute of the day, it’s necessary to take advantage of this new and efficient way of advertising.

3.  YouTube:

This is currently the second largest search engine with over 800 million unique users each month.  Buyers and sellers look here to view and upload virtual home tours.  It’s an instant Open House but more efficient than the old-fashioned ones where people tour your home on a Sunday afternoon.  Here, they can access your property 24/7.

4.  LinkedIn:

An agent that has a good profile on LinkedIn means they are well-connected to others in the industry.  Here, real estate agents share valuable information and resources to highlight their properties.

For real estate agents who don’t use social media, they often site the following:

“Social Media does not drive any business or qualified leads.”

However, this is absolutely untrue.  Social media allows us not only to communicate with real estate colleagues, generate leads and stay abreast of current real estate news, but it also helps to promote our properties and expose them to thousands of buyers looking for homes.  Top agents and brokers use social media to trade information and allows us to go where consumers are spending their time: on the Internet.

images-15When interviewing a real estate agent, take a few minutes and ask them what they think of social media and determine if they have a strong online presence.  If you are selling your house, you want it exposed to the greatest amount of buyers.  If you are buying a home, then you want an agent that not only knows the market, but is a dedicated full-time agent that understands what homes are available or coming up on the market.  In other words, you want an agent this is one step ahead of the game.  With an active social media profile, your agent is in tune and can respond immediately to any sudden game changes in the local real estate market.

Finally, selling or buying a home can be overwhelming, especially to those clients experiencing this for the first time.  From preparing your home to sell, qualifying for loan, hiring home inspectors to making offers, it is a real education!  That is another reason why I have created a website that gives anyone, whether they are my clients are not, complete and thorough information on every subject they need to know.  Because again, a person needs straight facts and not fluff when they hire a real estate agent.  Buying or selling a property is probably the most expensive financial decision that you will ever make, so we don’t take that lightly.  Our goal is to get the most for your house as you can, or to buy a home that fits perfectly within your budget that you will enjoy for many years.  So please, take the time to read my blog articles that are updated daily and cover the latest information on how you can get the most bang for your buck.




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