Why You Need To Be Creative When Selling Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 09/05/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

There is plenty of good news these days when you decide to put your Windsor property on the market.  First, the market is improving and homes that are priced correctly, and show very well, aren’t staying on the market long.  Also, it’s easier than ever to give your home the most visibility to prospective buyers than ever before thanks to social media.  If your home is properly marketed, it can be seen by anyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because social media has literally changed the way buyers look at homes today, it is important that your home stand out from the rest.  Buyers are looking at so many homes online, that it is important and vital to showcase your property so that it makes it on the majority of buyers short list.  So how do you do that?  How can you make your home stand out to get the buyer’s attention.

A little background:

A decade ago we were selling homes what is now considered the “old-fashioned” way.  As real estate agents, we did print advertising, held open houses and picked up the phone and called other agents about a home we thought may interest their clients.  Of course, these methods are still be used today.  Unfortunately, with the exception of calling another agent, these aren’t likely to sell your home.  And any agent that still relies on these solely to sell your property, is not doing you any favors.   Why?  Because there are many homes out there that are getting a higher profile than yours.  Social media has turned into such a way of life for 90 percent of homebuyers today, that they rely on this for just about everything.  Our phones can connect us to just about anything we want to these days.  And because social media is so mainstream, many people are using it in more constructive ways rather than just reconnecting with old friends.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are just a few of the most popular ways real estate agents are marketing your home today.  But keep in mind, it’s more than just uploading a few pictures and writing some pretty words.  You need to have a strategy as well, especially in a competitive market.  You just can’t start tweeting away, nor throwing out Facebook updates randomly while friending people indiscriminately.  This can frustrate those that follow you and turn you into a media pariah.

Let’s use this home seller as an example:

Unknown-3Client A came to me after being with another agent for several months.  Her home sat on the market with little activity after the first few weeks.  While the home was priced correctly, for some reason interest lagged.  Homes were selling in the area, but she wasn’t getting great word of mouth.  Come to find out, there had been no real promotion of her home, other than print advertising in a local paper and one open house.  Her agent, simply wasn’t up to date on social media.

Is the lack of social media to blame for her home not selling? After touring her home, we made some minor changes and updates.  A few dark rooms were painted neutral and her kitchen was updated with inexpensive cabinet hardware.  A bit of staging was done and then a photographer was hired to take impressive and professional photos.  Once the home hit the MLS, a marketing plan was underway.

A virtual tour was created and uploaded on our website, as well as YouTube.  Creative and informative posts were made often on Facebook.  Because the client’s home was in an attractive, older neighbourhood, we targeted the buyer who would appreciate this home.  In this case, the home was perfect for first time home buyers or those with a small family who wanted a traditional home on a tree-lined street.  And while there may not have been any “friends” on Facebook that were in the market, chances are, they knew someone who was.  Twitter is also a useful tool where you can spread the word on a home in just a few, short sentences.  These often get “re-tweeted” or shared with others who may be looking for such a home.

Finally, the owner of the home-made a scrapbook of her property through every season which showed prospective buyers that it was truly a wonderful property every day of the year.  Therefore, when buyers walked into her home for a showing, they were well-educated on what was inside.  Needless to say, it worked.  After a few weeks, the home sold.

In this day and age, you need to think like a home buyer.  You need to go where they are searching and make sure your property is well represented in all aspects of social media. If you need to sell your home, then why wouldn’t you expose it to the highest number of potential buyers?




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