Windsor Condos: Is This The Right Move For You?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 18/03/2012

Windsor Condos

Windsor Condos

Currently, there are many wonderful Windsor condos on the market.  For a buyer considering purchasing a condo rather than a home, you will find the experience very much the same, with just a few small differences.

As you are aware, a condominium is a different living experience than a home.  While condo life resembles apartment life, with the exception that you own the property, Windsor condos offers an excellent opportunity to become a first time home buyer.  Condos are especially attractive to those single, newly married or retired buyers.  You won’t have to worry about landscaping, many have nice amenities, such as a pool, weight room and clubroom and the price is usually more affordable.

There are some drawbacks that many buyers have trouble reconciling.  For example, privacy is sometimes limited due to the fact that you may have someone living upstairs as well as downstairs from you.  If you have shared walls, and your neighbors are loud, that can cause a problem. Also, does your condo have covered, close parking?  Is there enough parking for visitors?

Keeping this in mind when searching for Windsor condos:  there are just as many questions to ask as if you are purchasing a home.  Here are a few to assist you as you make your search.

1.  “Who are my neighbors and have there been any complaints regarding their behavior?”  Ask the Homeowners Association if any issues have been brought to their attention regarding your potential neighbors.

2.  “I don’t like to swim.  Do I still have to pay the full dues?”  The answer would be “yes.”  If you know that swimming is not important to you, and you don’t want to pay for it, then narrow your search to Windsor condos without a pool.

3.  “Are any major improvements coming up that I will be required to pay?” Ask to review the last Condominium Corporation meeting minutes. See what major issues are on the agenda. If anything concerns you, now is the time to ask questions.  The last thing you want is to be caught off guard.

4.  “What do my dues cover?”  Again, time to discuss with the Condominium Corporation as it can vary with every condo corporation.  Be sure that you are clear on exactly how much you will have to pay each month, and what happens if a large repair or improvement is necessary.

Windsor condos are the answer to many looking for property.  Being prepared and educated on the condo buying process will make your search much easier.

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