Windsor Home: Thinking of Selling? Don’t Forget the Garage!

Posted in General Blog | 10/03/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

You’ve heard it a dozen times.  When putting your Windsor home on the market, the very first thing you need to do is give your property a thorough cleaning from the inside out.  Once that is accomplished,  it’s time to de-clutter your home from all personal items to create a wide appeal to a variety of potential buyers.  Once that’s done, you think you are probably ready right?  Wait a minute.  Don’t forget about the one area of the home that for many buyers is a prime location:  the garage.

Today, more and more buyers are looking at homes that have two or three car garages.  Extra storage is a key factor for many looking to buy a Windsor home, so it’s critical that you make your garage as open and spacious as possible. Even if you don’t have a larger garage, the goal is to make it look larger and well organized.  Follow the same rules as you do getting your Windsor home ready to sell; make your garage show well by cleaning, organizing, tossing and/or selling all your “stuff.”  Once this is accomplished, it’s time to do a little housework, or rather, “garage work.”

1. Get rid of all the cobwebs and dust the walls and corners.  Do not leave large tools or equipment on the floor, but rather hang on the wall with secure hooks.

2.  If you have shelves, cabinets or storage, make sure they are organize.  Keep garage floors cleared as much as possible to create a more spacious work and car space.  Keep all items in your storage.  If you don’t have a place to put your extra tools, etc., then see if you can store them elsewhere.

3.  Garage door openers are expected from buyers in this day and age.  Make sure yours is working properly.

4.  It seems strange, but it’s necessary to clean the garage floors of any oil left by your car.  You can do this easily by pouring some paint thinner directly on the spot.  Make sure it is completely saturated.  Use cat litter, sand, baking soda or any other absorbent material you have and cover the paint thinner.  Leave on overnight.  The next day, sweep up the mixture with a heavy broom.  Pour some laundry bleach or even a dry dishwasher detergent over the area where the stain was and let it sit for an hour.  Finally, rinse with hot water and let scrub the area with a broom

5. Finally, check the outside of your garage door.  Is it clean?  Does it need a fresh coat of paint? This is all part of a home’s curb appeal and will let buyers notice your garage right away.

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