Windsor Home: How to Keep on Top of Pesky Weeds

Posted in General Blog | 17/04/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When putting your Windsor home on the market, it is necessary to have your property looking it’s best at all times.  For many sellers, this is the hardest part of having your home for sale.  It’s difficult to have your house ready at a moments notice for a potential buyer.  This also goes for your yard, which is a buyer’s first impression on your home.  If you have Windsor home with landscaping that requires heavy maintenance, particularly with obnoxious weeds, here are a few easy steps to kill them with ingredients you have around your house.

1. Corn Gluten Meal:  This is a product that stops seeds growing into weeds.  Spread it around established plants. This is an easy way to prevent weeds before they even start.

2.  Vodka and Soap:  Who would have thought this would work on sun loving weeds?  But mix 1 ounce of vodka with two cups of water along with a few drops of dish soap.  This will dry out the weeds out in the heat, but doesn’t work as well with shade loving weeds.

3.  Boiling Water:  This is an easy fix.  Take a kettle full of boiling water and pour directly over weeds.   Be careful not to splatter on yourself!  This is particularly good to use for weeds in driveway and walkways.  Be careful not to pour over border plants.

4.  Newspaper: This spring, before you pour mulch over your garden beds, add layers of newspaper or old shower curtains.  Some homeowners use the heavy plastic green garbage bags, but the purpose is to smother weeds that are already growing and prevent new weeds.  Simply cover your bed with whatever item you choose, wet to hold it down (if using newspaper), and then add mulch to cover.

These simple steps will make your life much more bearable than spending most weekends pulling weeds in anticipation of a Windsor home showing.

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